Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cookin' up some fun

The heat outside is making me crazy. All week it's been 110 in the afternoons and I can't breath when the air is that thick!

Sunday night I was tired of doing nothing so I meandered into the kitchen. Nothin' says lovin' like something from the oven so I went through a mental checklist. Chocolate chips...check. Other stuff....check. I whipped out the trusty Kitchen Aid ready to feed the sweet tooth needs of my crew. But, I can't bake without my soux chef. She is always by my side in the kitchen ready to measure, pour and stir. My mini-me.
I love her expression in this picture. A sweet smirk saying, "That's right, my mama loves me!" She is right, but she has no idea what it is like to love something so much as a mama loves her babies. Endless kisses to the head and patience pulled out of your toenails is just the half of it. Will they ever know? I think so. I can't think about how much I love my girls without realizing just how much my mom loves me. I am blessed to have come to that realization early in life. Mom and I didn't go through the typical teenage years of angst and hatred. We were close friends through all of that. I was lucky. Now if I say that I am lucky Harper corrects me, "Nuh-uh Mama, you're not lucky. You are blessed!"