Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Tradition...

(soon to be transferred to canvas and hung above the mantle)

Years ago when I worked at Squire Creek Country Club part of my job was to create magical moments for the members and their families. The kind of moment you dedicate scrapbooking pages, yearly photo collages and blog pages to. The kind of memories you want to share with extended family and friends. Hence, Breakfast with Santa came to life. I used to greet moms at the door with arms full of ruffled bottoms and lacy socks, or smocked collars detailing puppy dogs or reindeer. Now I am that mom straightening red bows and tugging at the hems of their dresses. Nevermind my own frazzeled hair and sleepy face. Nothing a few cups of coffee after posing with Santa won't cure. Nonetheless, this tradition, the one we share with friends, is precious to my heart. My big heart that loves having an event to look forward to. My big heart that loves helping write letters to Santa, and wiping syrup off of sticky hands year after year. Thank you club, for the tradition.


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Three Letter Words

So, my bestie Brooke and another great friends, Courtney, hopped on down I20 Friday night for some hunting widow fun. It is Brooke's birthday weekend and for the past five years we have celebrated with a pedi, lunch and movie....think Twilight and Harry Potter. There is always a great movie out because it is the weekend before Thanksgiving.

But, what is it about us grown up girls that takes us back to three letter words? You know what I'm talking about: God, men, fun, #@!, fat, and ugh. We volley back and forth between the seriousness of our growing faith to giggling hysterics with stories from when we were sizes 4,6 and 8. High school girlfriends know too much and those roots run deep!

It is amazing for me to sit back and listen to our stories. We had so much fun. Apparently I've had so much fun I don't remember some of it. I still don't remember visiting Sam Houston 3 times! More importantly, it is amazing to see the hand of God in each of our lives. How even though we were thick skull-ed and stubborn, He was with us! Scary a bit. But I was moved to listen and reflect on the stories that led each of us to where we are now in our lives. Such a cliche', but I wanted to burst into chorus, "God bless the broken road that led me straight to you."

I am happy, blessed, joyful, my cup runneth over. Whatever you call it, I can see, touch, hear, feel and sometimes smell all of the blessing God has granted me. I love our old, creaky house. I love my two cherubs who are completely different but the same in their ability to melt my heart, I love my family, I love my sweet husband who listens to me, and I love my God who is ever-present and faithful. I even love my job.

THANKFUL. Happy Thanksgiving. Love while you can.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Magical Friday

Once a month I attend a 9am meeting at the School Board Central Office. Since I live in town my principal doesn't make me drive to Dubach just to turn around and drive back to town. Usually on the day of these meetings I load Harper into the car for a doughnut date. However, last Friday we did something a little different and it is one these days, where we get off schedule and purposefully break the mold, that the magic happens.

It started with a tender embrace to our dear friend, Mr. McGuire who so graciously invited us to the Kiwanas Pancake Breakfast at the Civic Center. (can you see my heart melting??)

Then with a smidgen of time to spare we dashed to "The red park" to sneak in some fun before school.

..and we hopped and we scotched! And then this glorious little slice of heaven opened up with an invitation and we gladly accepted.

We slid and chased and made faces and sucked up every ounce of crisp morning air until my watch brought me back to reality. But on the way back to the car we had to walk through this.....

and if you give a girl, especially my girl, some leaves, chances are....

AND...if she has a little sister, chances are....
you're gonna have some fun and make sweet, precious memories. The kind that give me a heartache and make me wish for "stayathomemomhood." But I soaked it up, clicked away and I even got my Christmas card photo but no, you can't see it yet!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Peaches and Sue

Last year little bits of my heart were taken out by two precious students of mine. Since Spring they have become my two other daughters. Over the summer we stayed in communication about what books we were reading. They kept me posted on summer basketball games and this year when school started back they were the first two in my classroom even though their classes are on the other side of the building. My girls know them, Nick knows them and even my mom knows their names. I get hugs almost every day, still. I am so proud of my two sweet ballers, Peaches (Carletta) and Sue.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Papa Simpson's Fall Festival and other fall things

I LOVE all things fall, but especially time outdoors with my friends and little ones. The tease of perfect weather came to a blistering halt on Friday and we peaked in the mid 90's on Saturday. I quickly stashed my boots in lieu of flip flops and shorts. But, the lighting is still screaming fall so we threw on some fall garb and took pics outside. Saturday we teamed up with the Hall's, Underwood's and Gisclair's for some Fall Fun at Papa Simpson's Farm including a petting zoo, hay maze, pumpkin patch, cow train, pony ride, corn box and more. Basically a plethora of photo fun. I especially love the pics of Sarah and Ella Grace at sunset....perfection!

Harper and the piglets...makes me think of Fern and Wilbur

Olivia and Harper in the cow train (barrels on wheels)




I love this little farmer!

Kennedy Hall rockin' Matilda Jane

Olivia makin' "corn angels"

Ella Grace Gisclair

Olivia on the tiny horse named Squatamole!

Baylor checking on the piggies

Ella Grace's sweet thighs!

Sprinkler fun, praying for rain!

My lovely Pumpkin Package courtesy of Southern Magnolia Landscaping!