Saturday, November 26, 2011


I know this is part of the hormonal process of preparing for baby. I do it every time, well, I've done it the last two times. This instinctual urge to "fix" and "decorate" and "organize" EVERYTHING in my house is honestly driving me bananas. But I can't stop! Seriously, when I was pregnant with Baylor I made Nick check every light fixture in the house and purchase bulbs for anything that was out...the night before I went to the hospital.  Luckily there isn't much to fix in this house. Now that we have bathroom mirrors life seems pretty normal. Two months of stooping over to do make-up or check teeth will wear on the nerves. Ok, so mirrors - check!

So now I'm on to the decorating aspect of my nesting syndrome.  The (un)fortunate part about my style of decorating is that I re-use and re-purpose and sometimes I just move something to a different spot in the house for a new look. Example, the rug in the "baby wing" of our room was under the dining table two weeks ago. The curtains now hanging in Harper's room were on the shelf in Baylor's closet waiting on a new rod. But, genius, I painted the brown rod in Baylor's room a nice antique white, threw on some white tab top curtains and her room looks brand new. I love the bluish/gray paint on her walls so that gets to stay. Now I am accenting with bright red! I used the wire basket I found under leaves at our old house, spray painted and voila, cute storage.  The old school desk we pulled from the dump two years ago...painted it bright red and plan to use modge podge and adorable scrapbook paper to create a shabby collage on top. I've gathred some wire flowers and a metal bird to create a collage on the wall above the desk. Should be super cute when I'm done. I would already be done but the humidity caused a delay in my spray paint cure time. All I am missing is a white twin comforter and festive throw pillows. I'll add pics ASAP.

Harper's room is a soft pink. I want to re-paint it, simply to cover some holes and make it feel fresh. But I doubt that is going to happen since I'm officially into my third trimester.  So, I hung the curtains from her old room, still super cute, framed some old doilies in frames I re-purposed from a garage sale, antiqued a cute vanity from a garage sale and re-covered the seat on the stool. Now she has a shabby chic room fit for her little diva self.

So what's left?? Uh, how bout anything to do with baby! I'm still holding out on our crib because I know a white one is going to pop up. You may ask, "Why don't you just go buy one?" And my answer to that is, "Heck no, somebody has one in a corner somewhere waiting to get rid of it and I'm the taker. Plus, since this is the "last" one, I hate to go buy a crib since I already have a nice, dependable one. Now bedding, no...have none. But I'm not huge on all that. I'm going to put together a white/cream ensemble in January. I would like to hang some of those puffy ball things that I've seen on several blogs and pinterest, but I'm not sure where to buy them.  Brooke is loaning me her baby gear so I should be good there.  I guess I just want the room set up and waiting so I can look at it.

Still haven't sold either table so please contact me if you are interested. The large farm table is $500 and the round table is $250.  Both are solid, awesome looking tables. Also have 4 brown tab-top curtains if anyone is interested.  Possibly two woven chairs that look great with round table. A yellow bedroom suit for a child's room (dresser, two night stands and desk). It has a groovy bamboo-ish trim on it. I had it in my girls room but it would be super cute in a boys room with maps on the wall, plaid bedding, and a real outdoorsy/adventure feel.

I guess that is it.  Oh yeah, my point in organizing and decorating the rooms downstairs is so we have a perfect spot for our Christmas tree. I had to move the "dress up bucket" to make room for the tree, had to clean out the closet to make room for the bucket, had to throw stuff out of the closet, and drawers to make room for the toys, had to make room in their rooms for those few extra things that need a get the idea. One thing leads to another and I've spent my allowance on spray paint, fabric and scrapbook paper but still haven't put up the dang tree.

Happy Thanksgiving and happy nesting!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Goodbye favorite table

Since I don't do FB I have to use my blog as a substitute. 

So, I am selling our dining room table, my favorite table, and our round breakfast.  The first one is a rectangle farm table with lots of character.  I bought it in Houston from Home Source, a really cool place.

The round table is also very cool with character, it is from Z Gallery.  Both are in great shape and I hate to see them go, but the space in our new house calls for something different. 

Please comment if you are interested. I'll get you pics and a price.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

costumes and cats

 Nick surprised the girls a few weeks ago with twin kittens.  The girls hugged the heck out of them for about a week, then we figured that the nighttime coughing was connected to the cats so they had to go. It was sad, even for me who has never been a cat person, but the doc said athsma and cats don't mix.

 Baylor and her kitty, Miss Nilu.
 Our first formal tea party at Mrs. Cowan's lovely home.

 Baylor looooveeeesss Miss Nilu!

 serving skittles at the tea party.

 DHS Halloween: I am Bruce from Swamp People and my former student, Justin, 
is a redneck version of Joe Dirt.
 Nice mullet.
 Mrs. Nelson and her sister in arms.

 Random Kennedy and my witch window covering from last year. I used them to decorate the halls at school.

Captain Jack Sparrow and Princess ? from Mario Brothers.