Sunday, March 27, 2011


A few weekends ago we had the luxury of a Kids Free Weekend! Thanks Mom. Nick and I have been accused of being squares, and I guess if you judged us by this KFW, then all four sides are equal and we fit the mold.

nice socks n slippers!

True love! After a nice evening on the porch we dined at RAW, sipped at Starbucks and wanted to really make the most of the KFW so we made a guest appearance at DHS prom! Holla!


Using inspiration from my favorite blog (kellehampton) I decided to add a punchacolor to my breakfast nook! Before: 6 bird prints in black frames

AFTER: repurposed frame (it was a gold mirror but the glass shattered), red spray paint, a cut piece of plywood and black board paint and voila....a cheery welcome! I also painted a metal frame and wire storage basket red to add some unity in this area of the house. So fun!

(still need to take out hooks from bird prints, please ignore!)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Just Stay Little...

One thing I love about Wednesday nights is that I get a good dose of laughter, conversation, sometimes tears, coffee, and a reminder that all of us Mama's really want the same thing for our children. And, while we all want the same thing, sometimes the reality of us being messy humans gets in the way. We are all seeking ways to raise our children up to honor the Lord, and then the pressures from the world put on us as parents, and individuals, affect what else we inflict on our children.

The consensus from last night is that all of us "Mama's of girls" just want our little girls to stay little. We want them to cling tightly to innocence, tea parties, baby dolls, and ruffled socks. Why do I want this? Well, for the few short years that they are "little" Harper and Baylor wake up each morning believing they are princesses and to me and Nick, they are. They wake up and dress in clothes that cover their sweet bodies preciously and modestly. Right now, they still think that Mom and Dad are the coolest! I want my girls to know how fully they are loved by their parents, extended family and most importantly, by a God who knows each bird in the sky and flower on the Earth. If He knows that much about a bird, then just think about how much He must love the cherubs in my home. And, humbly, He loves me too....that much. Amazing!

When I think about all that I do want for my girls, I am reminded about what I don't want for them. Then I am immediately reminded that I am not in control. God is. I am here to guide, model, nurture, love and pray for them. It is easy to say, "Yeah, God is in control," but it is freeing to actually embrace those words and know them at soul level. I can't honestly say that I am 100% there yet, but I'm taking baby steps. I'm learning to trust. The tight grip of my own control is slowly loosening to make room for faith. It is a good thing. It is a God thing.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Whole Hand...


Another milestone at our house...Harper is now a whole hand! Big girl turned five on Monday and she STILL thinks it's her birthday. Actually, according to her, her birthday started on Saturday when she wanted to pick the restaurant. Then on Sunday she needed a "play date" since it was her birthday, and on Monday she really did pick the restaurant, Ronin Hibachi, for the actual celebration. I say actual, but we did just return from Orlando and a magical castle! She kept telling me that she, "gets to be the boss cause it's her birfday!"

Since I didn't have a party here, I promised her that I would bring cupcakes to school. Little did I realize that one box was not enough because there are 28 little ones and 3 teachers. Thus, I whipped up another box Sunday night and made, get this, home made frosting Monday morning. That is a big deal because I am not THAT mom that bakes from scratch. I must say that MY frosting was wayyyy better than Betty's.

The cupcakes were so good that we decided to share with our favorite neighbor, Mr. McGuire. It was the perfect excuse for our weekly visit. Mr. Doug always welcomes our noise into his quiet home. Harper usually heads straight for his special recliner that arcs into a full tilt. It is like a ride at the fair for her. Meanwhile, Baylor slaps happily at his elegant piano. Sweet music.

Baylor gets in one last hug before we head back home. I love moments like this that teach my girls how to love and respect their elders. I love that they bring boundless joy into his still home and walk away with hugs and kisses from our sweet friend. I'd say that makes for a pretty good birthday celebration.

Friday, March 4, 2011

She turned two...

Harper is making sure she knows how to blow out her candle....yea right!

one year ago...the big ONE!

How did that old sun make it around 365 times already? Two? My baby is two? Wow, where did the time, well, you know. Sweet Baylor, she lives up to her name. Baylor is the calm, the yin to Harper's yang. My sweet opposites.

I remember being pregnant with Baylor, wondering if I could love another baby the way I loved Harper. What is so wonderful and majestic about the gift of motherhood is that I don't love her just like I love Harper. I love both of them completely and uniquely. God made room in my heart when I wasn't sure if anything else could fit. I know that sounds crazy to my friends with big families, but you really don't know how to love MORE until you do it. It is an amazing ability of us mothers. We take out pieces of ourselves and watch them walk around on chubby legs before us, nurturing, snuggling and smelling their scents all along the way. It has been my privilege to be on the receiving end of this little lover. When she hugs me, she flips her wrists to pat my back. Already lovin' me back...making sure I know that she loves me too. My little old soul. My sweet Baylor Kate.

And Harper says, "Happy Spring to YOU!"