Friday, March 4, 2011

She turned two...

Harper is making sure she knows how to blow out her candle....yea right!

one year ago...the big ONE!

How did that old sun make it around 365 times already? Two? My baby is two? Wow, where did the time, well, you know. Sweet Baylor, she lives up to her name. Baylor is the calm, the yin to Harper's yang. My sweet opposites.

I remember being pregnant with Baylor, wondering if I could love another baby the way I loved Harper. What is so wonderful and majestic about the gift of motherhood is that I don't love her just like I love Harper. I love both of them completely and uniquely. God made room in my heart when I wasn't sure if anything else could fit. I know that sounds crazy to my friends with big families, but you really don't know how to love MORE until you do it. It is an amazing ability of us mothers. We take out pieces of ourselves and watch them walk around on chubby legs before us, nurturing, snuggling and smelling their scents all along the way. It has been my privilege to be on the receiving end of this little lover. When she hugs me, she flips her wrists to pat my back. Already lovin' me back...making sure I know that she loves me too. My little old soul. My sweet Baylor Kate.

And Harper says, "Happy Spring to YOU!"


  1. What a sweet sweet post. Right you are on the different ways in which we live each child. It was fun seeing you night!

  2. I cried when I read this post. Maybe I'm a little sentimental tonight b/c I am away from my little girl. I have decided tonight to try to do a better job of posting for family and friends we don't get to see very often. Thanks for the inspiration!


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