Monday, June 25, 2012

cute pics

I can honestly say I've enjoyed summer so far! Today was the first day that tension appeared in my shoulder blades. The tension that says, "You need to accomplish something today." Hate it. I much prefer the laid back self that says, "At least your kids are healthy. You have plenty of clothes, don't worry about the dirty ones. You can do a garage sale in the fall..." Yea, I like that girl. But old self paid a visit, the highly productive yet kind of snappy one, and I did create a lovely reading space for the girls in the nook under the stairs. Ill post pics tomorrow.  And in order to create a nook for reading I had to haul out the seasonal decor that took up that space and find a new space. It all started to feel very "If you give a mouse a cookie," ish.  Thus, I'm having a garage sale on Saturday.  Anyone want to help?? Don't all reply at once. 

So last week Harper had Camp Creek. She LOVED it! I loved it. And while Harper was busy I had time to focus on the little ones.  Baylor is obsessed with all things dress up/princess right now. She is either in her panties only or in a costume of sorts.  So cute!  

I avoided all things Peach Festival this year and instead chose to take my crew to Shots for Tots!! Fun! Nothing like three kids at a hospital to kick off the festivities.  Baylor and Harper both wailed to the nurse, "Don't hurt my baby sister!" Again, very cute but hard to manage while holding an infant who is receiving four injections. But I made it...or we made it.

And here we all are, geared up for the rodeo.  Josie stayed home with Nick but I wanted a picture with all of the Cauley girls. Check out the many faces of Baylor....

doe-eyed innocent...

forced awkward grin...



You get the idea.  This girl is a MESS right now. Lots of attitude yet still sweet.

Luckily we met up with my friend Meg and her brood at the rodeo. The kids had a blast and you can tell by the pictures below that they all obeyed us like angels and stayed away from the rail....

Errr, not so much!! The kids had a great time! It is always fun, and easy, for the grown ups when the kids get along so well.  Baylor and Addie couldn't get enough of each other! They were cute to watch...

I love the sound of little girls giggling!!

And because I'm so smart and obey everything the allergist says, I brought home a dog. Yep...4 Paws was victorious over another soft hearted fool.  Usually I just glance over my shoulder and keep walking, but I saw this fella and knew he belonged with Nick.  He is a designer mix of Bloodhound and Lab..the best of both worlds really.

Baylor just CANT leave him alone outside, no sir. So she hangs out on the step....with Si, our new man. Call me stupid but I can't help it...every little kid needs memories with a pup. Now we have three boys for our three girls...Memphis, Nash and Si.

Have a great week! Come see me Saturday in my garage!!! Lots of fun stuff for sale like...

my rustic farm table, large coffee table from downstairs, yellow children's bedroom furniture, rustic church pew, small painted desk and a couple of random things!


  1. Mandy your girls r just beautiful.

  2. such cute pics! I have the same shirt as the orange one you are wearing in the pics! I knew we were friends for a reason! :)

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