Monday, August 27, 2012

Coca Cola Weekend

If you haven't noticed, it's happening right before your eyes.  The light is changing, along with the temperatures, and with it brings an instinctive urge to play outside, plan crafts, organize cook-outs, clean and cook. Yes, even those last two are true. It's the opposite of Spring cleaning - it's Fall organizing. Getting back in the groove and used to a routine. I can tell by the Pinterest accounts of my friends that I'm not the only one excited about reverting to a norm. Up at this time, kids to school, then errands, maybe a quick workout or lunch with friends, car line and then evening routine. Best of all...bed time! It's back! It's strict. It's necessary.  

Speaking of Pinterest, I need some Rosemary to boil with lemons and vanilla. I NEED my home to smell like Williams-Sonoma.  I also need some burlap, wire, ribbons and fabric. Just saying.

I felt the shift in the air and light this weekend. The coolness sparked the primal urge from my childhood to "go explore" in our woods. Given the native inhabitants of our property, tall rubber boots were a must for me and the two big girls. We found beautiful leaves, a mini pine cone, our basketball and my giant exercise ball that rolled down the creek bed during the last rain. I showed them how to search for deer tracks in the soft dirt and we finished the expedition on our swing set. It was lovely. 

Then we decided to play a little more in our driveway. Baylor discovered the thrill of going downhill!

And just as I hoped he would be, Si is the perfect outdoor companion for the girls. He bounds along with them wherever they go and curls up while they are playing in one spot for too long. Love him. 

Harper knows when the weekend is here and she knows how to take advantage of weekend privileges.

The BEST part about the past few weeks has been watching these two become friends! They now share a bed, never thought that would happen given their individual sleeping patterns, but they worked it out. Baylor sleeps across the bed where the pillows should go, and Harper sleeps right in the middle with her head at the foot of the bed. They make a giant T! They play and help one another so much, and they also help out with Josie. Both girls love to entertain the little one and delight when she smiles and coos. Sisters are so much fun.

Here's to a Coca-Cola weekend and a happy week to you all!
Si says, "Hey, I'm talking' bout hey!"

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Out from under my wing..

     Part of this parenting adventure involves what our church calls “launching” our children out into the world. It’s true that while the mother hen instincts tell us to shield our chics from the world with a protective wing, if we do so for too long we will smother them. Eventually they have to get out from under our wing and explore. 
     The hope and prayer is that they have learned enough from watching you in the coop that they know how to handle themselves out in the world. Mama hen just has to pray that a snake isn’t waiting outside the coop, and if there is, God help the snake. 
    That is how I felt yesterday morning as I walked Harper to the end of our driveway to load her onto Bus #39.  Fortunately, I know the bus driver, Miss Terri, and have already had a chat with her about keeping an eye on my chic. She assured me she would have her sit within arms reach next to a girl. Perfect. But when Harper walked onto those bus stairs, not looking back over her shoulder, I had to resist the urge to sprint onto the bus, scope out the kids and tell her exactly where to sit and with whom. Like you can determine those things at a glance. But I stayed back, holding Josie close to my body like a security blanket. She waved at me through the tinted bus window, smiling. Happy. And standing there, in a cloud of thick fumes, I cried like a baby as the school bus pulled away. Of course I waited until she couldn’t see me, until the big kids in the back had turned their glossy-eyed attention to the trees and the leaves or their iphones hidden in the front pocket of their August hoodies. No one noticed the hot tears and breaking heart of this Mama hen.
There was a little more room under my wing that day -more room to focus on the other two chics in my nest. I played pretend bunny family with Baylor after lunch, spread a quilt on the back deck for our lacing boards so we could work on her motor skills, held her tightly in my lap to learn the letters A,B, and C from the computer, all the while thinking about Harper and how quickly 3:05 would get here and just how long would it take for the bus to make it’s route back to my home. At 3:20pm, Baylor, armed with the bunny family in a pink stroller, and I waited together for our big girl to get home from school. We both felt the sting of her absence. Baylor stood, shielding the sun from her big blue eyes, craning her neck this way and that in search of the big yellow bus that would deliver her playmate. I searched for the bus that would bring my girl home from a day out in the world - a day of slaying dragons and killing snakes and making friends and learning. Seeing her face would assure me that she was safe and once again I would be able to take a full breath. Launching our kids is just as much about us letting go as it is them learning to fly.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

2 Cool 4 photo sessions!

Maybe it's because I was laid up in bed for over 24 hours with strep throat.
Maybe it's because I'm ready for some reprieve from 24 around the clock mommy hood.
Maybe it's the heat.

But when creativity itches, I say scratch the heck out of it! So I called a friend who joined me, last minute of course, to take some fun pics of our big kids that head to school in the next week or so. My friend Tracy did some sessions like this with a much more vintage feel. I love the way her pictures turned out. I didn't plan ahead, just used items from around the house, and took off for a cute location.  I also don't have photoshop, so the only editing I do is normal to B&W or sepia. Maybe a crop here and there. Since I'm not a pro I prefer to KISS! (Keep it simple, stupid!) Simple is my style. But I'm not stupid. Not yet, but I do feel borderline crazy sometimes!

According to my friend, "This is the easiest photo shoot I've ever done!" Perfecto!

If you would like for me to capture your child as they embark on their educational journey, then feel free to contact me for a mini session.

2 Cool 4 School Mini sessions - $50 (30 minutes)
Only accepting 10 spots starting tonight 6-8pm, Friday 9-11am, Saturday 8-10am!! Location to be set per appointment.
Call or text 318-497-3838
(not sure what to wear?? just ask!)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Its working

New results are in:

My favorite pair of jean shorts can now slide up and down my hips WITH a belt on! I think a new pair of shorts is in my near future. I don't want to be a butt crack mom!

My size 8 green skinny jeans that I bought a few weeks ago from GAP are now baggy in the rear as opposed to the previous painted on look! That makes me very excited!

I haven't stood on the scale since last Wednesday and I won't until next Wednesday.  I am still nursing even though I had "plans" to be done by now. I tried to stop cold turkey last week and the pain was too much. Now I only nurse first thing in the morning and last thing at night. I enjoy the freedom during the day and cherish the bond in the low lighting with my baby girl. Now I'm not sure when I will really quit.

Josie has a cold and her little cough makes my mama heart hurt. She is asleep now, still in the carseat from our visit to the doc. I've shipped Harper off to a friend's house and occupied Baylor with my iPhone and headphones. Bad Mom, I know, but princess games can seriously help a mama out!

I met with Dr. Grafton, my new boss, yesterday to get signed up and ready to go. I am excited about my new part time job with Project Northland. I will meet with 6th graders in Lincoln Parish to teach them about alcohol awareness and prevention. I even had a few minutes to meet with one of the principals to get an idea for my schedule this fall. I am excited to continue Fit Club in the fall as well. One hour of fellowship with other moms is great! And the exercise is good too.

Thanks to those of you with suggestions and ideas for an illustrator. I have a few leads here in Ruston that I am going to pursue before I look out of town. I appreciate your help and can't wait to have a finished product to share!

Adios! and before I sign bout Walsh and May!!! Go USA volleyball!!!!! That's a lot of rambling but I only have a few minutes.... Peace out cub scout!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

HELP! I'm searching for...

Hey Blog Readers, I need YOUR help! I need an illustrator for my children's book, "Born to Be a Bulldog," a delightful little ditty about growing up La Tech style! I want to roll the book out by Homecoming on November 3, BUT I need illustrations!

If you are interested, or you know someone interested, please have them contact me! I am asking for a sample sketch from the artist before moving forward and anyone can get in touch with me via the  blog or email to discuss the details.

Spread the word! This is going to be a great project!

Thanks for helping me support OUR Bulldogs!!

Go Tech,

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

2 week fit test - results

Well folks, the results are in and I am by no means an Olympic champion, but I feel like wearing gold today because I have seen results!!! Baby crying...more in a bit...

It's Saturday and I am finally back at the computer. Being a mom is an all day event! Luckily, I have more energy lately and I feel like a champ in the mom event. I'm not using the word competition intentionally because I have stopped competing! I even UN-followed my favorite mom blogger because I was tired of comparing my life to hers on a daily basis.

Results! I can see them and feel them. I increased reps in ALL of the exercises on the two week fit test, as did the other gals in fit club. The best part, though, is that I lost 2.25 inches on my waist in two weeks! One inch on each thigh! I feel great, I feel more fit, and I feel like a champion!

If you want to feel better too, please come work out with us! We will work out Mon - Sat for two more weeks, until school starts! We meet at the Bridge North campus at 9:30am and childcare IS available for $5.  OR if you want to work out at home but need accountability, join my online fit club at

Have a great weekend and get ready for Tech Football!!! It's almost here!!