Monday, August 27, 2012

Coca Cola Weekend

If you haven't noticed, it's happening right before your eyes.  The light is changing, along with the temperatures, and with it brings an instinctive urge to play outside, plan crafts, organize cook-outs, clean and cook. Yes, even those last two are true. It's the opposite of Spring cleaning - it's Fall organizing. Getting back in the groove and used to a routine. I can tell by the Pinterest accounts of my friends that I'm not the only one excited about reverting to a norm. Up at this time, kids to school, then errands, maybe a quick workout or lunch with friends, car line and then evening routine. Best of all...bed time! It's back! It's strict. It's necessary.  

Speaking of Pinterest, I need some Rosemary to boil with lemons and vanilla. I NEED my home to smell like Williams-Sonoma.  I also need some burlap, wire, ribbons and fabric. Just saying.

I felt the shift in the air and light this weekend. The coolness sparked the primal urge from my childhood to "go explore" in our woods. Given the native inhabitants of our property, tall rubber boots were a must for me and the two big girls. We found beautiful leaves, a mini pine cone, our basketball and my giant exercise ball that rolled down the creek bed during the last rain. I showed them how to search for deer tracks in the soft dirt and we finished the expedition on our swing set. It was lovely. 

Then we decided to play a little more in our driveway. Baylor discovered the thrill of going downhill!

And just as I hoped he would be, Si is the perfect outdoor companion for the girls. He bounds along with them wherever they go and curls up while they are playing in one spot for too long. Love him. 

Harper knows when the weekend is here and she knows how to take advantage of weekend privileges.

The BEST part about the past few weeks has been watching these two become friends! They now share a bed, never thought that would happen given their individual sleeping patterns, but they worked it out. Baylor sleeps across the bed where the pillows should go, and Harper sleeps right in the middle with her head at the foot of the bed. They make a giant T! They play and help one another so much, and they also help out with Josie. Both girls love to entertain the little one and delight when she smiles and coos. Sisters are so much fun.

Here's to a Coca-Cola weekend and a happy week to you all!
Si says, "Hey, I'm talking' bout hey!"


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  2. Love the pics of your girls! Sisters are the best! :)


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