Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What happens at Juju's

There is no such thing as "doing nothing" at Juju and Poppy's house. When I asked Mom if it was a good weekend to visit she replied, "Sure, we don't have any big plans." 

But my mom breathes adventure. It is her oxygen. She never goes in first or second gear, always 4th, pedal to the floor. And my girls have picked up on this. They know that a visit to Juju and Poppy's house means fun. 

 Memories are made here, and I am grateful that these little rides around the pasture can give them a taste of what my own childhood was like. Isn't that what we all want? We want them to experience a little of our own childhood and then soar even higher. Provide enough experiences to keep them grounded, but strengthen their wings just the same.
 Tree climbing...check!

 Horseback riding...check!

 (The smell of musty leather and humid horse trailer takes me back...)

 Cruising Lake Cherokee "On a Pontoon" ...check!

 And helping the band, Last Call Outlaws, with their music set...double check. This is Baylor "helping." I can only imagine the conversation.
 Little Sis was absolutely fascinated with the band. She sat in a lawn chair and watched them set up every piece of equipment, eyes round and mesmerized. I could almost hear the wheels churning behind those big blues. It was fun to watch her like something independent of Harper. This time it was Baylor taking the lead.

Of course Harper had to get one pic, but she soon ran off to play. 

 Baylor listened and danced with her Mama and Juju to Mustang Sally, Silver Wings, and Sweet Home Alabama. Baby Girl has soul! My friend Robin, in Houston, called it when she was born. Years ago, after hugging her newborn body tightly, Robin gazed into her little face and said, "This one is an old soul. She is wise and gentle." Maybe so! 

It was endearing, as the mom, to sit back and watch this one fly a little. 

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