Saturday, November 12, 2011

costumes and cats

 Nick surprised the girls a few weeks ago with twin kittens.  The girls hugged the heck out of them for about a week, then we figured that the nighttime coughing was connected to the cats so they had to go. It was sad, even for me who has never been a cat person, but the doc said athsma and cats don't mix.

 Baylor and her kitty, Miss Nilu.
 Our first formal tea party at Mrs. Cowan's lovely home.

 Baylor looooveeeesss Miss Nilu!

 serving skittles at the tea party.

 DHS Halloween: I am Bruce from Swamp People and my former student, Justin, 
is a redneck version of Joe Dirt.
 Nice mullet.
 Mrs. Nelson and her sister in arms.

 Random Kennedy and my witch window covering from last year. I used them to decorate the halls at school.

Captain Jack Sparrow and Princess ? from Mario Brothers.


  1. bruce has no shirt on under his overalls. fail.

    1. good point, but I want to keep my job.


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