Sunday, September 26, 2010

Calling all Superheroes!

Some mom's are just in a different league. They've got that drive and passion, creativity and imagination that says, "Hey, they are only little once, so why not?" I love it! I'm not in that league but sometimes I'm a substitute player. My creativity takes force in different ways. But, when your kid gets the invite to one of these birthday parties, you clear the schedule and write that baby down in pen!

Thanks Katie, Batgirl, Supergirl, Wonderwoman! The party was a blast for the kids and grown ups. You did a great job and yes, I'm a little green.

Gotham City

Peyton Beck suiting up in his cape and mask.

Jake Tyler takes after his strong Daddy.

Supergirl Landry Grace securing her pink cape

Faster than a speeding bullet

Birthday girl, Kennedy Hall in her precious pink tutu!

Landry Grace Tyler

Superboy Bailey Jack Beck is pooped after saving a small village

Wondergirl Baylor Kate, with her precious thunder thighs!

Da, da, da , duhhhhh....Harper Cauley, Supergirl with Supercurls!

The Prodigal Sister

It's been a long time. Fifteen years. It's been a long time since Codie and I have had a visit together, alone, without a holiday. She hasn't been to Ruston since my wedding in 2003. Codie, our adamantly labeled "middle child", free spirit, river chic set up, scheduled and organized the visit because she wanted to see her youngest nieces, Harper and Baylor Kate. Because her vision is impaired she can't drive long distances so she took the train to Longview and Mom drove her over. The 41/2 hour car ride from San Marcos to Longview takes 10 hours by train! She really wanted some Louisiana lovin'! Did I say it's been a long time?

A long time ago I heard a Michael W. Smith song (I think it was by him) about the prodigal son returning to his family. "He ran to me, held my head to his chest, and said my son's come home again!" Seriously, the lyrics choke up the ole' esophagus and ignite the water works. Well, that is how I felt! It was only for four days but it was the best four days I've had with her in years! "My sister is back!" I wanted to scream. I shared by excitement with a friend that gave me this witty response, "So who has changed more, you or her?" Both.

Two summers ago, after a study of David, I began praying for a "this far" transformation for my entire family. That means that God will change the lives and hearts of my family so much that ONLY HE can receive the credit and praise. God is so good and he had done just that. My family has changed and I have changed and there is only thing to say about it, "Amen!"

In church today we sang these lyrics, "From the inside out, Lord my soul cries out!" At first I tried to fight away the tears. Choke them back like I do on so many Sunday's. But today I accepted the tears as a blessing and sign that the Holy Spirit is moving within me. I sang with a smile today, hands lifted in praise, instead of tears. God is good and He does change us from the inside out. I may not always understand His timing. Let's face it, I always want things done yesterday, and God doesn't work that way. Some blessings are years in the making. Did I say it's been a long time?

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Missy Crane, Are you ready for Harper Cauley?

Yesterday was Harper's first dance lesson. No clingy crying, no lookin' back, no fear! My blonde curly girl owned it. She was born to dance!
We'd been counting down the days for two weeks and she was ready. So ready, in fact, that she told me, "It's ok mom, you can go shopping and leave me here. I'll be fine. I'm OK, I'm the big sister."
She is. She was. She danced.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Slurpin' Up Summer

We have officially survived the "Back to School" transition. I worried about how Baylor would adjust to the new routine. She's fine! She's great! I'm greeted each afternoon with a big squeal from my big girl and another big squeal from my little girl! Two tight hugs and we are ready for some floor time.

I spent the last week before school started checking off all of the fun things from my summer list.

Slurpin' Icees at the pool....

and Makeovers with Harper (we straightened her hair....don't worry, it was curly again after 30 minutes.)

We had a blast but I was also eager to get back to school, as lame as it sounds. I'm one of those bag packed outfit picked out night before kinda girls, so I spent the last Sunday tidying up my house and pickin' stuff out.

Harper is back at WMS this year in Ms. April's class! This is my big girl on her first day!

Flash forward two weeks and we are sittin' on a not so laborous Labor Day. I've been nesting like I'm on crack, even though I have no idea what crack is actually like. We bought a new sofa so now I want all the stuff to go with it so the room looks finished. Please come see if you live close! I have two large bags of purge from my closet. I stumbled upon the end of season shoe sale at Dillard's and I loaded up with 6 new pairs! Holla!

We are gearing up for a busy fall. Harper starts dance classes next week, Nick is going on a week long golf trip, Codie is hopefully coming for a visit, and Tech football in between!

I'm up now and it is 10:34pm, which is super late for me. I just snacked on some delicious but unhealthy blue chips and french onion dip. If you read this all the way down to here, leave me a comment and tell me what you snack on late at night! If I had any brownies they'd be gone!

Baylor Kate is following in Big Sissy's footsteps....she loves dress up! She spends all day with Ms. Lori at our house and Harper gets home for lunch. My two girls, yin and yang, it takes both of them to keep me together.

One last thing, can't get the new song my The Band Perry out of my head! LOVE IT!