Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May cheers

Do you ever wake up early, go out side and just listen? I'm doing that now.  I've already drained one cuppa, working on number two, and find comfort in the solitude of my porch.  I can just walk out here, in my pj's or whatever, and only the birds and squirrels can see.

The birds, by the way, speak their own language with clicks and whistles. Calls and screams. Some sing and some cackle. And because we are actually in the trees, I get to witness their behavior up close and personal. I like the challenge of trying to find the birds through the dense, dark green leaves of early summer. See what is making each sound. Squirrels, who must be one of nature's most acrobatic creatures, dance in the trees above my head. A dangerous dance that somehow lasts all of daylight. And the noise they make...weird.

And then there is the wind. Listening to the wind is actually one of my favorite sounds, especially before a storm because somehow the sound changes. I can hear the intensity pick up a notch through the leaves. I've stood, prior to a storm, and watched as the leaves on one tree begin to tremble, then, like a virus, it spreads to the next, and then the next. It comes from afar, and suddenly what was once thick, humid air sweeps past, replaced by a chill that causes the fringe of hair near my face to loosen it's sticky grasp. With the wind comes the sound of cracking twigs that spiral down to land on brittle brown leaves.

All of this majesty takes place every morning. Same time, same channel. It's all here, yet sometimes I choose not to soak it in.  Sometimes I'd rather catch those extra thirty minutes of sleep. Sometimes I'm nursing the precious one that depends on me for breakfast. Sometimes I'm scuttling here and there to get girls where they need to be. And all the while this beauty is here, waiting for me to notice.  And all of that reminds me of God's patient, loving embrace. All of his goodness. All of his splendor awaits us daily. Admission paid. Hand stamped (and no ugly reminder on your cheek the next morning! ha!) So cheers to you all, my friends and family who stop by to read what I have to say, on this lovely morning in late May. Take a minute to notice the beauty in today.

Halfway through cuppa 2, middle child on my lap needing me. Cheers!

Saturday, May 26, 2012


Help! I need a blog makeover...anyone know where to go, or who to contact for help!

How do you add a "Follow me on..." tab in the sidebar???

Please comment if you have used someone to help, know what to do, etc.


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Saying Goodbye, and Hello

It's official. I am resigning from my job as an 8th grade teacher so that I can tend to my flock.

As I sit at my small, turquoise, garage sale desk for the last time, I can't help but think about what all I am saying goodbye to, and what I will be greeting.

goodbye's :
  1. arriving late to work everyday
  2.  cafeteria lunches
  3.  lesson plans
  4.  grading essays
  5.  professional development

As for my principal, colleagues, and students....this isn't good-bye, just a, "See you around!" I plan to remain open as a sub for the parish so I can keep a toe in the door of education in case I decide to return in a few years.

  1. coffee date's with friends
  2. park and playground time
  3. exercise
  4. bedtime reading because Mommy won't be so wiped out
  5. volunteer opportunities 
  6. Josie smiles all day long
  7. naps with Baylor
  8. play dates
  9. more time to write
10. home cooked meals
11. outings with my little ones
12. library
13. Pinterest "Crafts I Wanna Do"
14. mom on a budget
15. photography gigs
16. writing gigs

Can you tell I'm excited?? There is not doubt that I will miss the joys of teaching in a classroom. I mean that! I love to help students write something from the heart, or learn to love a book. I love to see reluctant students toting books down the halls.  And I may return one day. Or not. I'm open.

I don't know how this will turn out. It's no secret that I struggled being at home with Harper five years ago. But things were different then. Things have changed and I have changed. I've grown. I know there will be days....I don't even have to finish the sentence. But the good will prevail. I know now that sometimes that is a see the good.

I journaled a few months ago about faith - how faith is about trusting even when you don't know the outcome. So here goes. I'm leaping!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Seniors 2012

Five years ago I started my teaching career in Louisiana.  I was given the task of teaching a reluctant group of 8th graders, eager young 7th graders and PE.  To say it was interesting is an understatement. To say it was challenging is even more of an understatement.  Looking back I can say that I taught them a little, but mostly they taught me.

That was a year of high highs and low lows.  I was first introduced to the perpetual drama that comes along with teaching 8th grade. Their bodies and minds are in such turmoil that some days I swear aliens have taken over. They came to me that year disheartened, disengaged and just plain 'dissing on school. I can't say I was a huge hit that year, but over the past five years I think they all know that I always had good intentions.

So here's to you, Seniors of 2012! Thank you for teaching me! I wish you all the best as you each begin a new journey. Dream big. Work hard.

"You can have roots and wings,"......FLY!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

so much

Like the title says, I just have so much on my brain lately.  Aside from three girls and my job, oh yeah my husband too, my creative juices are on overdrive and there just aren't enough hours in the day to do all I want to do.  Hence, early morning coffee time while three jammed girls lay oblivious stage right.

First, my sweet man bought me a computer for my birthday last week and I'm still learning how to use it. I keep clicking the upper right hand corner but there is nothing there.

Back to my birthday, Woohoo - let me tell you, I really rang in 33 with class.  I felt ballsy Sunday morning and decided to take my brood to church. This was a risky decision because Nick was working a tournament at work and it would be my first time to get all four of us dressed and there on time. Church was so good I decided to go ahead and make a grocery run. I had Josie in her carrier down in the buggy while Baylor sat strapped in the seat against her will.  Harper was in charge of the other buggy.  We started in produce, cruised through a few isles and life was good until we got to dairy.  Maybe it was the chill or the smell, IDK, but sister started to cry and the paci just didn't work and I didn't feel like popping out my boob in the back of Super 1.  So, I flexed my calves and put my back into it and found out just how fast a shopping buggy can maneuver those isles.  Up the other side of the store - dog food, chips, frozen one point I looked back and poor Harper was almost horizontal she was working so hard to push the heavy buggy.  Like some sort of coach I hollered, "C'mon Harp! You got this, now go! Go! Go!" (Insert screaming baby)

Josie was working a full blown howl by the time we made it to the front. A sweet faced boy working the express lane started waving me onward despite the fact that I had more than 10 items.

I scanned his uniform for his name, "Hey (name, it seems to have escaped me), work like you are trying to win some award for bagging and scanning. Do what you have to do to get me outta here!"

He didn't even look up to "Yes Ma'am" me. At this point Josie is howling, Baylor is trying to escape the safety strap and Harper is tugging on my skirt, "Mama, you said if we be good you'd get us a plastic ring. Do we get a ring? Can I get a ring? Can I have a quarter? Me and Baylor was good, Mom."

Soon a manager, another cashier and the lady behind me were all working together to get my groceries out of the cart, quiet the baby and put the new bags back into the cart.

"Mayday, mayday. All hands on deck!"

Finally I scoped Josie out of her seat and she fiercely sucked my shoulder in revved up teenager fashion. I could feel everyone around me exhale once the wailing stopped. With my other hand I dug through my purse to find the plastic needed to pay for the goods while somehow finding two quarters in the change pocket. After emphatically thanking the cashier I steered my cart, one handed, towards the doors. Again, Harper put all her weight into the heavy buggy, stopped to buy two plastic rings, and then trekked across the parking lot to our car. By this time an old Asian man just stood there watching and the lady two spots behind me in line was now beating me out of the store doors.  She sat in her car, smiling, and then pulled away once I had everyone buckled in and groceries in the hatch. I should've charged.

Wanna give a shout out to Super 1 and their employees! Thanks for helping this Mama.

I left with three kids, groceries for the week, dog food, two plastic rings and some chicken balls for the ride home. (and sweat rings, messy hair, and a sore back) I am a badass!

Cool stuff to come -
1. I wrote a song and my friend Jenny put it to music this week. So cool to create something so far out of my comfort zone!

2. Two new books you need to read!!!

3. Awesome Mother's Day project.