Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Seniors 2012

Five years ago I started my teaching career in Louisiana.  I was given the task of teaching a reluctant group of 8th graders, eager young 7th graders and PE.  To say it was interesting is an understatement. To say it was challenging is even more of an understatement.  Looking back I can say that I taught them a little, but mostly they taught me.

That was a year of high highs and low lows.  I was first introduced to the perpetual drama that comes along with teaching 8th grade. Their bodies and minds are in such turmoil that some days I swear aliens have taken over. They came to me that year disheartened, disengaged and just plain 'dissing on school. I can't say I was a huge hit that year, but over the past five years I think they all know that I always had good intentions.

So here's to you, Seniors of 2012! Thank you for teaching me! I wish you all the best as you each begin a new journey. Dream big. Work hard.

"You can have roots and wings,"......FLY!

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