Sunday, September 5, 2010

Slurpin' Up Summer

We have officially survived the "Back to School" transition. I worried about how Baylor would adjust to the new routine. She's fine! She's great! I'm greeted each afternoon with a big squeal from my big girl and another big squeal from my little girl! Two tight hugs and we are ready for some floor time.

I spent the last week before school started checking off all of the fun things from my summer list.

Slurpin' Icees at the pool....

and Makeovers with Harper (we straightened her hair....don't worry, it was curly again after 30 minutes.)

We had a blast but I was also eager to get back to school, as lame as it sounds. I'm one of those bag packed outfit picked out night before kinda girls, so I spent the last Sunday tidying up my house and pickin' stuff out.

Harper is back at WMS this year in Ms. April's class! This is my big girl on her first day!

Flash forward two weeks and we are sittin' on a not so laborous Labor Day. I've been nesting like I'm on crack, even though I have no idea what crack is actually like. We bought a new sofa so now I want all the stuff to go with it so the room looks finished. Please come see if you live close! I have two large bags of purge from my closet. I stumbled upon the end of season shoe sale at Dillard's and I loaded up with 6 new pairs! Holla!

We are gearing up for a busy fall. Harper starts dance classes next week, Nick is going on a week long golf trip, Codie is hopefully coming for a visit, and Tech football in between!

I'm up now and it is 10:34pm, which is super late for me. I just snacked on some delicious but unhealthy blue chips and french onion dip. If you read this all the way down to here, leave me a comment and tell me what you snack on late at night! If I had any brownies they'd be gone!

Baylor Kate is following in Big Sissy's footsteps....she loves dress up! She spends all day with Ms. Lori at our house and Harper gets home for lunch. My two girls, yin and yang, it takes both of them to keep me together.

One last thing, can't get the new song my The Band Perry out of my head! LOVE IT!

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