Sunday, September 26, 2010

Calling all Superheroes!

Some mom's are just in a different league. They've got that drive and passion, creativity and imagination that says, "Hey, they are only little once, so why not?" I love it! I'm not in that league but sometimes I'm a substitute player. My creativity takes force in different ways. But, when your kid gets the invite to one of these birthday parties, you clear the schedule and write that baby down in pen!

Thanks Katie, Batgirl, Supergirl, Wonderwoman! The party was a blast for the kids and grown ups. You did a great job and yes, I'm a little green.

Gotham City

Peyton Beck suiting up in his cape and mask.

Jake Tyler takes after his strong Daddy.

Supergirl Landry Grace securing her pink cape

Faster than a speeding bullet

Birthday girl, Kennedy Hall in her precious pink tutu!

Landry Grace Tyler

Superboy Bailey Jack Beck is pooped after saving a small village

Wondergirl Baylor Kate, with her precious thunder thighs!

Da, da, da , duhhhhh....Harper Cauley, Supergirl with Supercurls!


  1. Thanks for sharing Mandy!!! Love these and hate that I missed the party. Looking forward to our next dinner. See you soon!

  2. wow! this is great!!!! love the pics!!! Such cute superheros!


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