Wednesday, September 19, 2012

the results

Talk about going 0 to 60, Fit Club went 60 - 0!  The change up with the child care situation has really thrown us for a loop! We are no longer meeting to work out 6 days a week, but are now lucky to meet up once a week. However, I think most of us are managing to work out at home about 3 times a week. At least, that is the case for me. And trust me, I MISS the Insanity! I haven't given up on Fit Club!! I know that we will resume when our band of sitters switch out classes. It will work!

As for me, I still drink Shakeology daily and I LOVE it! Not a lie. It works for me, and, actually, it works for Nick too. He has been drinking Strawberry Shakeology for about a month now and he loves it as well. It is just too healthy and too easy not to drink it. 

I still haven't weighed myself since my talk with Brigid, my friend and Beachbody coach. She encouraged me to hide the scale and look at different numbers. So I did!

Left Bicep - 12.75" to 11 3/4"
Right Bicep - 12.25" to 12.5" (this is the arm I use for the carseat) 
Waist - 33" to 30.75"
Hips - 42" to 40.5" 
Left Thigh - 23" to 21"
Right Thigh - 23" to 20.75"

(keeping it real - because sometimes you want to see what people really look like...
not just the good pics.)

It makes me feel vulnerable, yet proud, to post those numbers. I am proud of my progress and the hard work I put into it to see the results. But I'm not done. This wasn't so much of a diet as it is becoming a lifestyle change. I love to feel good about what I'm putting into my body. I've even changed what I cook and crave! Actually, that is the best part -  my sugar consumption has drastically decreased! And that is huge for me! I crave Brussel Sprouts now and I've never eaten those in my entire life. My mom never made me eat them and now I LOVE them. They are a weekly necessity.  Along with Almond Milk instead of dairy, strawberries and bananas. 

I am not saying all of this to recruit you. I just want to share what works for me, with my friends and distant family. Oh yeah, I tried "Turbo Fire" work out this morning. It is crazy fast! Not as taxing on the body as Insantiy and would be fun to do with friends. I would probably laugh the whole time with my girlfriends. I say this because I laughed at myself trying to complete the steps, punches and dance moves alone in my living room. Regal Blue I am not. Goofy mom trying to stay fit - yes.

**side note - I would be happy to post my before and after pics so you could see the real results, but I'm in my skivvies and I don't think any former students really need to see all that. And honestly, most of you probably don't want, or need, to see all that when you get to work anyway. Lol!

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