Thursday, August 9, 2012

Its working

New results are in:

My favorite pair of jean shorts can now slide up and down my hips WITH a belt on! I think a new pair of shorts is in my near future. I don't want to be a butt crack mom!

My size 8 green skinny jeans that I bought a few weeks ago from GAP are now baggy in the rear as opposed to the previous painted on look! That makes me very excited!

I haven't stood on the scale since last Wednesday and I won't until next Wednesday.  I am still nursing even though I had "plans" to be done by now. I tried to stop cold turkey last week and the pain was too much. Now I only nurse first thing in the morning and last thing at night. I enjoy the freedom during the day and cherish the bond in the low lighting with my baby girl. Now I'm not sure when I will really quit.

Josie has a cold and her little cough makes my mama heart hurt. She is asleep now, still in the carseat from our visit to the doc. I've shipped Harper off to a friend's house and occupied Baylor with my iPhone and headphones. Bad Mom, I know, but princess games can seriously help a mama out!

I met with Dr. Grafton, my new boss, yesterday to get signed up and ready to go. I am excited about my new part time job with Project Northland. I will meet with 6th graders in Lincoln Parish to teach them about alcohol awareness and prevention. I even had a few minutes to meet with one of the principals to get an idea for my schedule this fall. I am excited to continue Fit Club in the fall as well. One hour of fellowship with other moms is great! And the exercise is good too.

Thanks to those of you with suggestions and ideas for an illustrator. I have a few leads here in Ruston that I am going to pursue before I look out of town. I appreciate your help and can't wait to have a finished product to share!

Adios! and before I sign bout Walsh and May!!! Go USA volleyball!!!!! That's a lot of rambling but I only have a few minutes.... Peace out cub scout!

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  1. Ahh, so excited for all the things going for you!!!!! Loving your results and what's this about a parttime job? Is this Tommy Grafton you're talking about?! He was my mentor in college if so. I love him.


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