Sunday, March 27, 2011


A few weekends ago we had the luxury of a Kids Free Weekend! Thanks Mom. Nick and I have been accused of being squares, and I guess if you judged us by this KFW, then all four sides are equal and we fit the mold.

nice socks n slippers!

True love! After a nice evening on the porch we dined at RAW, sipped at Starbucks and wanted to really make the most of the KFW so we made a guest appearance at DHS prom! Holla!


Using inspiration from my favorite blog (kellehampton) I decided to add a punchacolor to my breakfast nook! Before: 6 bird prints in black frames

AFTER: repurposed frame (it was a gold mirror but the glass shattered), red spray paint, a cut piece of plywood and black board paint and voila....a cheery welcome! I also painted a metal frame and wire storage basket red to add some unity in this area of the house. So fun!

(still need to take out hooks from bird prints, please ignore!)

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