Tuesday, February 28, 2012

This is "Why"

I always get excited when I can share how the Holy Spirit is working in my life! Not so much to say "Ha!" to nonbelievers, but to sing "Rejoice" with my fellow believers! God is good and I want to share it with you today.

The first tidbit of amazing news is that my middle sister, Codie, has made the decision to be Baptized on Easter Sunday at her church in San Marcos, TX.  It is hard for me to put into words how happy I am for her decision.  I literally felt my heart swelling with joy inside of my chest. The birds are singing a little louder and the tiny green buds peeking on the trees surrounding my house symbolize new life - her new life washed by the blood.  Yes, Spring is around the bend. Easter will be extra special this year as we celebrate her decision and reflect on how far we've come since Easter passed in a blur last year from the windows of Sutton Children's Hospital.  Praise God on both accounts!

The second is more practical.  Just a few days ago I spoke with a friend about how I noticed a difference in my spirit when I went a stretch without my daily quiet time.  She agreed.  "But I don't always know what to read," I complained, "If I'm not in a study I am not sure what to read or where to start." After actually voicing this complaint I realized how dumb I sounded.  I pledged not to let a lack of direction keep my from my spiritual journey.  Thus, I opened my daily devotional the next morning and read the offering. But for some reason, on that morning, I looked up the scriptures listed below the two short paragraphs.I usually just stop after reading the text and don't let it lead me to the scriptures.  As I opened up my Bible, which is held together with clear packing tape because a water bottle spilled in my purse and ruined the binding, my eyes fell to a verse I had previously underlined in green ink.  I read the verse and continued on through 1 Corinthians chapter 7.  I hate to admit that sometimes when I read a scripture or hear a message, I think of others that I would like to share the message with.  This makes me feel like I am not readily listening to apply the word to myself.  I am not sure if it is a bad thing or not.  Should I only think of the word as it applies to me and my walk, or is it alright to recognize how the word could be good for someone I love? Please comment below!!  Anyway, when I got to verse 34 I thought of my sister, Codie. Without telling her story, I'll just say it spoke to me.  After she told me about her decision to be baptized, I felt encouraged to share the verse with her. The best part is that she had welcoming ears and an open heart.  I was so grateful that God showed me a positive word to share with my sister.

Then, later on the same day, my sweet second cousin and I got caught up via text messages. She let me know that she and her beau are no longer a couple.  This came as quite a shock. I could feel her pain because I know the young man was very special to her.  Again, the scripture came to mind and God provided a way for me to encourage my sweet family member. 

This is the stuff that gets me going! This is why we, as believers, are called to be in the word daily.  This is how we strengthen our armor. This is how we can share with others what God says rather than our own opinions. This is why! Good stuff.

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