Wednesday, April 25, 2012

4 years ago

 (Woah - check out my short hair!)

This picture kinda rocks! This is Harper.

Four years ago this was my world. This girl and my hubs.  These pictures were taken at Seaside in 2008 after my first year of teaching at Dubach.  One girl. Now I have three! Now I have so much more than I thought I would ever have -  three lives to mold.  I am my mom! I used to hear people say, "Judy and her girls," like we were some kind of girl group. We were! And that is exactly what I want for my three girls. I want inside jokes and touching feet under the covers. I want beach trip memories, break up stories and family sing-a-longs. I want my girls to be cheerleaders for one another. To celebrate the highs and bunker down in the lows. I want them to stand together at weddings, be present for babies, and hold hands through heartbreak. I want them to LOVE and I want them to LIVE! Intertwined. Encompassed. Unified. I really like the sound of that, "Mandy and her girls."


  1. sisters are a special blessing, and moms are too :)

  2. That is already being said.....Mandy and her girls. You are blessed. I love your sweet little family. I love you, Mama Mandy!


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