Sunday, June 27, 2010

Princess Peach Parade, Sisters, Cousins and More!

Summer wouldn't be complete without a visit from the family. Last summer, when Tricia and her crew came for a visit, we all, yes ALL, got the stomach bug. It wasn't pretty. Luckily, this year was peachy!

I was so excited about their visit that I actually made a list of all the things I wanted to do while they were here.
1. decorate living room (Tricia's job was to place stuff on the bookshelves)
2. rearrange newly painted guest bedroom (Natural Choice by Sherwin Williams)
3. check out china cabinet in Bernice, LA
4. take girls to pool
5. eat sushi at RAW
6. make a care package for Meemaw
7. pick out a dress for the Princess Peach Pagaent
8. test drive convertible
9. make signs for the parade
10. eat ice cream

We checked off most of them...never got to test drive the convertible though!

Grace was a doll! She played with Harper and mama'ed Baylor! She even babysat both girls "by herself!" while Tricia and I listed to Fox News anchor Greta van Sustern. I wore my swanky new "Carlos Santana" heels and super cute dress. Thank God for Spanx!

Tricia and I exercised each morning in the driveway, but took a nice walk one morning down Tech Drive Road. We agreed that neither one of us can visit the ranch without crying. I guess those roots run deep.

Codie, you and mom were missed! We did a lot of laughing!

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