Thursday, July 8, 2010

I'm not Bored. I'm INSPIRED!!

It happened by chance. As I prepared dinner last night for friends, I noticed a recipe contest on the back of the pizza crust package. $5000 and a trip to Disney World! Heck Yes!
After a great Insanity workout this morning, two cups of coffee and a little quiet time, my belly started speaking to me. Summers give me time to be creative in the kitchen. There is nowhere to hurry off to. No schedule to follow. Pajamas at ten...fine with me. So I took the bait. With the possibility of Disney, how could I deprive my little princesses even the chance?

After 20 minutes and 6 ingredients, this delectable dish came out of the oven! I don't trust my own taste-buds so I called in an extra set for a critique.

"You see, "Even Mikey likes it!" Baylor gobbled up 2 pieces of yummy breakfast pizza!

To recreate this masterpiece:
heat oven to 450
mix 2/3c cream cheese with 2T raspberry -chipotle preserves,
spread over wheat Mama Mary's pizza crust
cook 5 pieces turkey bacon until crispy, crumble and sprinkle over crust
scramble 2 eggs and sprinkle over crust
top with 1/4 c shredded mozzarella
bake for 10 minutes

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