Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Sometimes in life you meet "friends" that feel more like family. That is what Jake and Kelly Adams are to us....family. Jake and I were friends first, at Louisiana Tech, and he is the cupid that hooked me up with Nick. When I met Kelly for the first time at Florabama several years later, I knew she was the perfect match for "the Snake."

When Nick suggested a weekend in Pensacola it was a no brainer!

There are a few MUSTS for us in P-Cola.
#1 - we MUST eat at Scenic 90 Diner!
#2 - We MUST eat tabbouleh and hummus.
#3 - we MUST play at the beach! It's not Pensacola unless you spot that beach ball tower!

Friday morning we frolicked on the beach as a family! Baylor quickly took to the water and waves while Harper bounded through the surf like she was reuniting with an old friend. In a way she was. We saw no visible signs of the oil spill as the headlines read "Oil Contained 100%."

The magic happened when a school of dolphins visited our area of the beach. Only 3 waves away they splashed and bobbed, teasing all of the onlookers lining the beach. Cameras flashed and moms and dads held their little ones close, finger stretched out trying to get them to see "right there!"

Saturday afternoon we swam in the bay at the Adams family condo. The view was reminiscent of a corona commercial. Minimal surf and shallow waters created a perfect baby pool for the team of toddlers commanding our attention. Nick kept us laughing by picking out "hurricane debris" from the shallows. A shingle here. Some siding there. No big deal.

Unfortunately I've developed a food allergy over the past few months. I thought it was triggered by shrimp, so I avoided the fried deliciousness and chose only fish, slaw and beans. (Jake's dad is an AWESOME cook!) Not even 5 minutes later my mouth began to swell. We hurriedly snapped pics of the girls in their matching dresses with high hopes of our Christmas card photo. Didn't happen. I downed some Benadryl and Nick drove us back to Jake's house. We crowded onto the couch and I suggested that we rent a movie. From there I just woke up the next morning in my bed. Guess the meds hit me hard. Have plans to schedule a food sensitivity test ASAP!

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  1. it's jessie, from lunch yesterday, jenny's sister! your girls are TOO CUTE!!


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