Friday, July 30, 2010

I feel....WICKED

Do you know that feeling? When you've planned an event and your expectations are so high that you know something is lurking behind the corner waiting to spoil the magic you vision in your mind. Well it didn't happen. Not to me. Not to us. IT WAS PERFECT!

Tickets to Wicked:....$100
Dinner at Artista:.......$45
Cute outfit for your niece's first "Girls Night Out":...$150
Overpriced "Wicked" t-shirt:....$39

Watching your favorite niece's face glow in amazement.......PRICELESS!
This trip was five years in the making. In 2005 Brooke and I saw Wicked in Dallas. Loved it! I then told Tricia that I wanted to take Grace to see it when the tour cycled back to Houston. She called me in April to give me a heads up about pre-sale tickets that she could possibly get from Dale, her fantabulous designer boss! AND, he wanted to come with us! Even better.

Magical. That is the best way to describe our evening. We got dressed up. Ate delicious food. Laughed. And the music. Oh, the music. It was....WICKED!

Grace spent the first 30 minutes of the show wrapped around my arm, head nestled on my shoulder. I could hardly watch the stage because her face stole the show. It was heaven. It was our moment. Biting back the tears, I took her all in. The smell of her clean hair, the curve of her nose, the glow of her piercing eyes and the feel of her hand entwined with mine. Moments like this are fleeting and priceless. I savored it. Tucked it away in my "This is what life is all about" file where it will hopefully be joined with countless other memories of her, as well as my own two angels.

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