Thursday, February 3, 2011

All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go...

But I'm not leavin' on a jet plane. Nope, we are driving. All the way to Orlando. Not even snow or "winter mix" will keep the Cauley's + Juju from the magic that awaits us.

I wonder if I'm the only mother that begins to "glisten" just thinking about all the necessities for a nine day trip with two small chillins. Pack n play, diapers, wipes, swimsuits, do I need floaties?, comfy shoes, dinner shoes, pull overs, play clothes, jammies, blankies, lovies, sippie cups, tylenol, benadryl, ...... you get the idea. What makes it worse is that we are leaving in snow and driving to the mild 60-70's. What's a mom to do? Simple - over pack! Why take less when I might need it? Really, are a couple of extra outfits per person going to affect our gas mileage? Heck no. Problem solved.

I am so ready for this. Harper is SO ready for this. We have our "free" maps marked up with "must do" and Biernbaum's tabbed and ready to go. Itinerary - check. Reservation confirmation - check.

Fabulous pictures and stories to come as Harper and Baylor will MEET Cinderella and her royal gang at the royal table. Yes, birthday celebrations will take place on Friday with special guests to arrive on...well, you'll see.

Happy Disney!


  1. Oh how I hope you have a FABULOUS time!!!! Cannot wait for pictures. Know you will have a magical time!!

  2. Have fun!! Be safe!! And don't try and do it all!! Can't wait to see pictures!


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