Monday, July 18, 2011

Girls Trip

Girls Gone Wild Wood
Dara, Brooke, Missy, Julie, Keri, Klancey, April, Marissa, Jaime, Cheryl

Girls. Girls. Girls. My life seems to revolve around girls. The Cauley Girls, Girls of Grace at DHS, I'm the youngest of three get the idea. Last weekend I got to hang with my high school girls. Actually, most of us have been friends, or at some time frenemies, since elementary school. We all bleed purple, love our Hallsville Bobcats, and hail from the class of 1997.

Eleven girls in one cabin might scare off some folks. I'll admit, I wasn't sure how the chemistry between 11 different women would mesh, or combust if things went awry. But like most fears mine were senseless. We had a great time! Shortly after we were all reunited the competitions began, of course. First was the head stand competition and I must admit that I was a contender. In fact, if it weren't for Klancey's toe poking me in my unmentionables, I might've been the champ. Then the leg wrestling commenced. I knew I didn't stand a chance so I just sat on the sidelines, or couch, and watched. The winner held an undefeated title all night and it is clear that Miss Keri Jean is the LWC (Leg Wrestling Champion) of the Class of '97. However, I have a strong inclination that Dara and Missy are spending extra time in the gym to claim the title next year.

At moments we were grown up versions of the girls we used to be, and at other times we were clean reflections of the women we have become. It is so neat to sit back and observe the idiosyncrasies that have been apparent in these girls, as well as myself, since third grade, yet we are different. It is like we are still those girls only secured now by a blanket of maturity and life experiences. I will admit, it is hard NOT to compare yourself to other women in general, but equally difficult not to compare yourself to the girls you grew up all areas: physique, career, family, world travel, success in general. But if these comparisons did occur, and I am sure if we are all honest they did to some degree, they were internal. It wasn't a dog and pony show of "Look at my life and all I have accomplished!" It was real. We laughed and cried and loved one another the way real friends do. I must admit that I received the most sincere, touching compliment from my friend Marissa and it made me proud to receive her words. She told me that she could see my spiritual maturity, that it was evident in my writing and how I managed to cope (really I was just surviving) with Harper's sickness. That made my heart smile so thank you, Marissa, for your gift of words.

By the way, if you head to Beaver's Bend you need to know that Girls Gone Wine is not a vineyard. In fact you don't even see the winery. It is more like a wine bar with a really cool gift shop. Basically it is a spending trap for women. Be warned!

We kayaked, sang, danced, ate, cheered and bounced all over Broken Bow, Oklahoma. I strongly recommend the white chicken pizza from The Grateful Head pizza house and brewery. The house band was a hit too, just too much pelvic thrusting from the side kick cowboy. (see below)

GOOO Bobcats!

To you eleven girls...women, thanks for growing up with me. I wouldn't change a thing and I can't wait until next year!
Missy's famous Big Toe!

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  1. a fresh breath of air! Loved this post! Marissa gave me an amazing comment too...she told me how much at ease and a much better "me" i am when i am with my Denny. So nice to hear such amazing words from such an amazing woman!! Love you to the moon and back and back to the moon again baby!! Can't wait to see you again...


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