Sunday, July 24, 2011

Creative Itch

Ok, so since I've been nauseous on the couch all summer due to our little surprise, I haven't been able to work on the projects I normally undertake during my break. I'm feeling a bit better now and the itch is really starting to build up.

Today I (meaning Nick and I) moved our old church pew from the outdoor walkway into my foyer, layered it with old floral pillows and drug our bedroom rug into that space. The two framed topiary prints that I got from a garage sale are being re-purposed: the frames will be sprayed black and will now showcase Harper's masterpieces from art camp this summer. Frames from Hobby Lobby would've cost me $60 (with the 50% off sale), and this will cost me the price of spray paint, maybe $5. All I have to hunt for now are a few more floral granny pillows for the bench and possibly some wood crates or baskets for underneath, just for visual effect. Voila! New colorful, floral foyer.

Next I had Nick center the new bargain rug (found it yesterday for $20, huge wool PB rug with butterflies) under the bed in Harper's room. We moved Baylor's crib to the guest room to await the new baby. Just the addition of the rug transformed the feel of the room. Softer now. I have big ideas for that room but I have to wait until after the first trimester.

I will soon be hunting for 2 wood shutters, floral L-brackets, round or oval ornate mirrors (2), pink glass cabinet knobs. If you have any of this or know where to get it, please comment below. Also would LOVE an old quilt...think pale pink and creamy white. If you have an old granny quilt to give, trade, or sell please comment below.

OK. I also really want to re-do some old furniture. If you read this and know of a good upholstery person in the Ruston area please give me their info. I want it to look good and I am afraid to learn on these particular pieces.


  1. Wow, you sound busy. I would love to see pictures, it sounds lovely.

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