Saturday, August 20, 2011

Back in the swing of things

And I'm back!

And I'm tired.

It has been a while since I've been in the classroom. April 15 was the last day I went to work at DHS before Harper got sick, which lasted to May 26, and then summer began. Summer was long this year...mostly because I felt like a Mack truck  left tire marks on my back. Let's just say that baby #3 has helped me form a loving relationship with my couch. But I'm good now and school came around at just the right time.

Despite all that we did have an eventful summer. Here it is in a list: dance recital, beach, I'm pregnant, sister visits, watch Cars 2, I'm siiiiiicccck, watch Harry defeat Voldemort, read The Hunger Games, say goodbye to Miss Lori, visit sister, cousins wedding, Nick goes to Oregon, begin house projects, watch The Help, start inservices, find new house, make offer on house, welcome students, begin packing house. Tadahhh.

Today a friend reminded me to take pictures of all of my rooms before I begin packing so I can add them to "My House" slide-show...too late, boxes ever'where! I think I sang "Bring on the Rain" in April and I don't remember singing "Bring on the Change," but change is good and I am super excited about our new house, which is actually like a giant tree house or summer camp cabin. This works for me because I love the Swiss Family Robinson tree house at Disney and I was a summer camp counselor and loved being a camper as a kid. 

Thus, I picked up a load of moving boxes I scored on Ruston Freecycle! Oh yeah! and I'm weeding through my house trying to decide if I love it, tolerate it, sick of it, don't need it, don't need it but am sentimentally attached to it because the word "grandmother" is associated with it. If I can weave a memory to an object it is hard for me to get rid of it......unless it is tiny baby clothes and baby everything...I got rid of all that. But it will all work out. This is just small potatoes.  But I will have a rather large garage sale soon so please spread the word if you know a college student in need of books, decor, possibly furniture, some size 8 clothes that I don't want to move because I'm pregnant and I want a new wardrobe after this baby anyway, a large desk...pretty much if you need something call me first. I'll cut you a deal!

Overall I feel overwhelmingly blessed. God's timing is proving sovereign in our lives and I love the feeling, this time, that there is a little chaos in my life, but He has me and mine lovingly in His palm. Kelle Hampton talks a lot about potential and possibility....that is all I saw yesterday when those students were staring at me from their desks. I get to mold these guys for a year!  My role for them as teacher is multi-faceted, but ultimately they are my mission. Possibility is all I can see when I look at our new home and think of my kids playing in the woods by a creek. We might build our own Bridge to Terabithia or explore the woods to earn some Wilderness Badges because "Adventure is out there!" (cue giant thumbs up)

May adventure greet you wherever you are today. Live it up explorers!

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  1. Praying for a smooth transition in the classroom and for the move. Can't wait to see sweet Harper on a daily basis!


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