Sunday, September 25, 2011


Like the first day of school, I was excited about this night for weeks before the big day. Of course I played out unrealistic scenarios in my head about the endless possibilities the night could hold. My imagination runs away with me sometimes and I am too embarrassed to list all the things I thought could happen.

Let me back up.  In July my girlfriends from high school blew me away with surprise tickets and meet-n-greet passes to the September 20 Taylor Swift concert in Bossier.  Friends from the HHS class of '97 sent in their donations to make sure me and my girl had a special night to celebrate...well, to celebrate life in general. Her life! And a beautiful life it has been these past five years.

We departed Ruston at 3:31 pm heading toward our first destination, Superior Grill. By 4:03 her head was bobbing up and down with drool collecting in the corners of her mouth. Kindergarten is kicking her little tail. After scarfing down our fajitas we trekked to Century-tel center to find our place in line for the "Meet N Greet!"  

All of the eager folks lucky enough to wear the lime green arm band signaling our great fortune waited on the ground level near section 118.  They counted us off in groups of 40 or so and gave us an etiquette speech. No cameras, no autographs. I wish they would've said, " No teary eyed overly emotional Mama's," but they left that part out.
We made friends in line and swirled around the guts of the arena until we saw the colorful tent known as the "T Party" room. Yes it is magical and just like her videos, an enchanted Moroccan  tent full of comfy furniture and giant chocolate chip cookies. We circled the room and were then ushered into a smaller room to the side for our big moment.  Harper stood eagerly holding the silver package she brought for Taylor, a Fleur de lis necklace from National Jewelry.  When Harper stepped into the room Taylor's mouth dropped open as she knelt down to give my big girl a hug. "Ohmygoodness thank you! I can't wait to open it," she said. I knew it was time for me to step up and get my token embrace from the superstar, but the water works began to leak as I took in the beauty of their encounter. The build up of excitement for my daughter was too much for this Mama, so I stepped back and let her own the moment.
The photographer snapped the complimentary photo, the big guy in black handed me the card, and after a quick hello from "Heidi with Cover Girl" we were on our way.
 Beaming is an understatement. My girl was absolutely glowing brighter than the neon glow sticks Daddy had waiting on her when we found our seats.  She took in the crowd and the arena as the three of us waited for the red curtain to rise.

 And then she appeared. Blonde curls flipping and gold sequins swishing, and this is what my girl did. Eyes glued, she studied her. She switched from Daddy to Mommy, but her eyes never left the golden light on the stage.
  Without a doubt T Swift can put on a show! Each song was a dramatic interpretation complete with stage set, dancers and costume change. Harper sang along to the ones she knew, but mostly she took it all in. Watching Taylor and all of the dramatics that go along with her Speak Now tour, made me think that maybe I shouldn't work so hard to squelch the drama out of Harper. Maybe one day she will develop some pipes and make another little curly headed girls dreams come true. You never know. Chances are though, if she takes after her Mama, she will sing badly, dance wildly, and stand in the shadows watching her own little girl take in the wonders of life.


  1. What a fantastic post!!! You tell the story so well. Cried right along with you. Love love love it!!


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