Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas hangover

I know I haven't posted in a while. I totally skipped the "Breakfast with Santa" blogortunity, along with the delicious Christmas Eve and Christmas day posts. What can I say... I'm pregnant and busy and just plain wore out.  But I finally loaded my pics today and I have so many cute shots I just must share. 

I like sharing the on-goings of our family life, but I'm afraid I might come across sounding whiny and cynical with this post.  Bottom line, I'm tired of my kids getting sick!!  Flip side...I'm so totally grateful to be where we are now compared to where we could have been, but nonetheless, I'm sick of sick. Thanksgiving brought round 2 of pneumonia for Harper and Christmas brought on round 1 of bronchitis for Baylor.  I cringe with each cough and fear fever.  I think being prego is making it worse since I am more tired and less agile than usual.  I sincerely hope that 2012 is a year of HEALTH! Ok, enough's picture time!

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  1. OMG you look so cute and the girls look so happy!! I am tired of sick for you all as well. May this New Year bring Health and Happiness to the Cauley Family!! Miss ya


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