Thursday, January 5, 2012

34 weeks today!

I'm skipping a big post about resolutions in the same manner that I skipped fun events in December. I'm just too focused on the baby to put too much thought into anything else right now.  I feel pretty good, just getting to that uncomfortable stage punctuated with a full time waddle, restless sleep, and nesting.  I feel lucky if I fall asleep around 9 and sleep until midnight, which is usually my first potty break. Then I am up every hour and a half at least to potty again, roll over, or situate pillows.  Just not real comfy right now. I think that is part of God's way of prepping me for the  baby. I'm not getting much sleep now so I'll be used to it once the baby actually does arrive. 

I did make a resolution, though: Worry less and pray more. It sounds simplistic but this is a big one for me, especially coming off the rough year we've had.  Whenever I feel the urge to worry (usually me trying to play God and fix things for other people) I am going to just pray. I don't know why I'm so vain to think that I can solve the problems of anyone but myself...I don't even do a great job of handling my own issues.  That being said, my goal is to fill myself with scriptures to lean on during those moments. This really does help! So my mantra isn't so much "Don't worry, Be happy," or "Hakuna Matata," as it is, "Just Pray."  Again, I hope this doesn't come off sounding pious because this is an action for me; I have to conscientiously pull my hands away from the steering wheel and lift them up to God. A good friend recently told me, "You know, you aren't supposed to play God. You aren't here to save people from problems. But you are here to be an intercessor in prayer. You can listen and you can pray." It helped me to hear what I CAN do. I am humbled yet again.

Have a great week! I head to the doc tomorrow to start my weekly ultrasounds and check up.  Baby girl seems to be doing well; she certainly does kick a lot!

FYI - I started a Twitter account just so I could start a Pinterest account but they haven't replied to me yet. That is by far the most addicting thing in technology. I get so overwhelmed and then disheartened that EVERY inch of my house isn't as fabulous as all the pins I love! Pathetic, I know. But I did get some cute ideas for the baby room! : )


  1. Ben thinks I'm NUTS with the Pinterest thing...every single day I have some new ideas to share. :) Right now my big ideas are clusters of frames on a wall. I'll get to that right after I build my dream home with columns and a giant porch. :)

  2. Love reading your posts! So glad to hear things are going well. Maybe we can see each other soon :)


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