Thursday, January 26, 2012

Chillin at St. Fran.

Im all checked in and hooked up. Got nauseous when nurse missed my vein the first try. Second time worked. In here to monitor amniotic fluid levels. Could have baby today, tomorrow or next week. No telling.

Nighttime update: fluid levels came up and I am home now. Mom here to take care of me! Gotta love Mama! Thanks for prayers! We are doing fine and looks like she will stay in the oven a little longer.


  1. YAY! Praying everything goes well-- hedge of protection being prayed yo way, girl! Keep us posted!!!!

  2. Good luck!!! Prayers for everything to go smoothly! And quickly! Hope today is the day if that's what you're hoping for! :-)

  3. thinking of you!!! i hope i am able to see you sunday night!! ;) call if you need me.


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