Friday, January 13, 2012

Pregnant Lady Seeking Fairy

Everyone says each child is different, each pregnancy is different. So true.  This round I've been more fatigued, probably due to the fact that I have two instead of one, just came off a hard year, moved, still working full time, and I hate to admit it but I'm three years older than I was the last time. So you can imagine my surprise when I started having contractions a few weeks ago, right after Christmas. No biggie, just Braxton Hicks...I overdid it shopping and running errands, didn't drink enough water.  But then they continued despite rest and water, so now I'm taking meds to keep them at bay.  The meds make me feel dizzy for about an hour and a half after I take them, really fun, especially for the lucky group of 8th graders that gets to witness my head spinning.Needless to say, this pregnancy is very different from the others for a variety of reasons. The one consistent thread is that I'm having another baby girl that I already love.

According to my doc appointment from Wednesday, the baby looks to be around 5 lbs 11 oz. The meds are working because I am not progressing and I just need to try to rest as much as possible. That makes it hard to do all of the nesting that I want to do, complete all the Pinterest projects I have on tap, and soak up the last few days with my two before I have three.  I need a magical nursery fairy to pop in, wave a wand, and turn my cluttered area into the soothing space I have in my mind.  Ain't happenin', I know, but a girl can dream.  I also know that that stuff isn't really important. I have my needs, the rest is just worldly details that I so easily get distracted with.  I mean really, does it matter if I have the wall behind the crib decorated with a "Like" worthy display? Do I really need cute storage baskets? I know better, but the details can make it fun during this long waiting period.

Have a great weekend! Happy Pinteresting to all my peeps. Only 33 days to go, if we make it that long.


  1. So good to see you Friday! Please let me know what I can do to help if you need it!

  2. Love you bunches! Sorry I couldn't call you back. We cried all day just about.....


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