Tuesday, January 31, 2012

In love all over again

She is here. She is wonderful. She is perfect.

Josephine Joy Cauley ~ Josie

Josephine - God will increase or add
Joy - happiness

The perfect name for our surprise gift from God after weathering such
a tough storm last year. We truly are blessed.

I don't know how to add pics from my phone but I promise to post her sweet face when I get home.

Thank you for the prayers!


  1. Oh MANDY! I am thrilled for yall! Seriously, the name made me tear up-- such a precious name for a brand new Princess Warrior of God. Can't wait to see pics of little Josie!

  2. The perfect name for the perfect baby girl. Have a blessed week and enjoy every minute!!

  3. Yay!!! I can't wait to see pictures of her :) Congratulations!

  4. I Luv Luv Luv her name!! Congrats mamma and I cannot wait to see pics!

  5. How sweet! Perfect name :) congrats to you all can't wait to see her picture!


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