Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Townsend House - A Cauley Tradition

Sometimes holiday traditions can feel like a forced family affair. Like, "Okay everyone, pull out your red or plaid shirt, it's time for the family Christmas photo." Or, "I can't, we always go to the in-laws for ____(insert any holiday experience)."

I don't feel that way because I love holidays and I love traditions, especially the sentimentality that comes when one says,"Oh, remember when you let us open that one present on Christmas Eve..."and thus begins the expectation that one present is opened every Christmas Eve. Sometimes traditions begin naturally, or organically, my new favorite expression, or more effort is put into it. That is what happened when Nick and I randomly made nachos one New Year's Day one year and I thought we should have "New Year's Nachos" forevermore. Hasn't happened again since.

The best tradition in my family involves me and my girls, usually a friend or two along with their mini's. It started randomly in 2006 and has been a fall standard since then. I cherish each batch of Townsend House Pumpkin Patch photos! I usually choose one to frame  in an 8x11 to place on the mantle or focus point somewhere in the house. My girls change but the pumpkins, as well as the charm of The Townsend House, remain the same.

Harper 2006

2006 Firstborn's: Underwood, Beck & Cauley

Harper and "those curls" - 2007 (this is Nick's least fav pic of Harper..ever!)

Harper & Livi 2007

 Harper 2009 (apparently I did miss a year...2008..prego with Baylor, guess I didn't make it!)

2009 - Baylor Kate's first pumpkin patch

2010 - Harper looking all big
2010 - adorable Baylor

2011 - introducing Baylor's stink eye! Love this girl and her many faces!

(Whoa....slow down time and back off boys!!) 

The difference a year makes....2012... Josie's first trip! I will have to go back with Harper!! 

 I LOVE my Bean boots!!! You will see me in them often!


  1. I absolutely LOVE these pictures and the look back on the girls growing up! Adorable. I can't believe how big Josie is already. Or the other two for that matter. Can't wait to see y'all soon :) Love y'all!!

  2. Mandy love the pics. Josie looks like u, Harpo likes like Nick an wow Baylor looks so much like Clint.. The Cauley genes r strong. Lol


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