Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Enoch's Pumpkin Stomp and more fun with Juju & Poppy

I know this is photo overload, but when I have so many cute ones it is hard to keep them to myself. Plus, these photos explain our weekend in Texas to a tee! Gorgeous weather, crystalline skies, and golden sun all weekend long! 

The first group of pics is from Enoch's Pumpkin Stomp in Hallsville/Harleton, TX. Enoch's is a winery and vineyard nestled in rolling hills with panoramic views. I thought the activities were well planned and the food was surprisingly good for mass quantity burgers and dogs.  

 (Sweet Nettie...mom's friend's grandbaby)

 Nice form, Harp. She may be a natural!

 Yes, I wanted to snap this whistle in half after about five minutes of incessant noise!!

 I'd be happy if she chose to dress like this everyday!! I love her in overalls and boots. 
Makes me happy, happy, happy!

 Bay's sweet face!

 Shaun and family!!

 I LOVE this pic of her because it embodies her spirit...always laughing and full of joy!! 
(and full of crap too...ha hahaha! Love you Shaun!)

 This is me TRYING to get Bay to look at the camera for a sweet pic...yeah right.

The rest are shots from playing in Juju & Poppy's pasture! they LOVE riding horses, running free, and swinging on the rope swing!


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