Friday, November 16, 2012

the Christmas card dilemma

The pressure, oh the pressure, of having a Christmas card that perfectly reflects the nature of your family. I absolutely LOVE receiving Christmas cards each year, oohing over the sweet pictures, and then displaying them around my home. Now I even save them, thanks to the recommendation of a friend, and browse through them each Christmas season to see how families have grown. 

If you need help capturing your family, call me. I have a few time slots available next Monday afternoon.  

Happy Thanksgiving Break to all my LP teacher peeps! Thanks for all you have done since August to influence our children.

I love memory lane so here are a few shots from Christmas past!


  1. we love christmas cards!!! can't wait to see all of them!

  2. So Cute! I love your hair that color! Merry Christmas

    1. Thank Laura! I forgot it was that color! I liked it too, but my gray hairs showed through much faster so I'm blonde again!


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