Monday, June 6, 2011

Just so much to talk about...

June entered my life with no grandeur or excitement. The excitement in my life stems from waking up in my bed, at my home, with my healthy children close by. That is my joy. I've made no June promises or summer plans because I am working on NOT making plans. This summer I haven't worked out like I normally do, waking up at 5am to torture myself in my "I used to be a college athlete, I can handle this" mentality. Nope, none of that. Lately I've been cutting myself some slack with hopes of relieving myself from some of my unrealistic, superwoman expectations. I swing back and forth between guilt and acceptance. I am sure my pendulum will continue to swing until I can no longer fit in my summer shorts, and then I'll spend a little more time "doing", but right now I am working on just "being."

During the smoldering, Southern, summer months Nick is long gone by the time my eyes see daylight. Actually, this morning he was four hours into work when I woke at 7am. We treasure the hours in the late evening when he gets home, arms and face tanned by the fierce sun, when we eat, play, and cuddle accordingly.

So far June has been fever free, PRAISE JESUS, and we spent all last week preparing for Harper's first dance recital. Sister girl missed the last month and a half of practice but you wouldn't know it on the big stage. She rocked it! She sashayed out onto the stage with her pick line dangling, just bouncing for all the world to see and she didn't care one bit. Her bright blue eyes never looked at the device on her arm that reminds her of the past few months. No, her eyes were sparkling and studied the teacher in the pit that reminded the class of their moves. Proud just doesn't cut it. I wanted to break Missy Crain's professional theater rule about "not calling out names" because I wanted my girl to know that I saw her! I wanted the theater to stand and shout with me, lungs rejoicing at the miracle of her life! I wanted hands to rise and lips to sound out, "Amen." But I didn't break her rule. Instead I choked back my proud Mama tears and clapped until my hands stung, sitting forward in my seat so she might see me.

Cousin Cash & Harper the amazing Bubble

I have spent a little time each day tending to my quaint garden. "How does your garden grow?" you might ask. Quite nicely, thank you. I ate this yummy mixture over toasted Pine Nut Couscous....delicioso! More about my garden tomorrow.

Ok, one last thing. I am so uber-proud of my niece, Grace Wilbanks. Please watch her video and give her a thumbs up if you like what you see. She is only 13 or I'd be standing in line with her at the Idol auditions in Houston this summer. I am impressed by her voice, but I am most proud of the poised, caring, compassionate young woman she has become.


  1. did Grace win? that is uh-mazing!

  2. Go HARPER!! Glad she rocked it!

  3. I began reading your blog when a FB friend posted a request for prayers along with a link. My daughter was in the same recital, and I recognized Harper when she came onstage at the dress rehearsal. Honestly, as soon as I recognized her (from your blog), tears filled my eyes. What a tough, brave little girl you have! I was thanking God with you for the "miracle of her life!"


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