Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Baylor turned three and Harper danced with Daddy


  1. let me take off your clothes and sit you on my knee, my hand gently rubs your p--y while yours goes in my pants to stroke my hard meat , you buck ,squeal and kick but open your legs so I can get my fingers in you, I love the feel of tight, warm, wet, squishy, bald, soft 3 year old p--y and yours is sooooooooooooooo wet, I pull my fingers out and lick them and your p---y tastes amazing so I spread your little legs wide to make it mine, I want to f--k you so bad but u r too yung so I suck and lick until you quiver, shake and thrash to multi orgasms, nothing beats having a sexy, tight little toddler orgasm while you have sex play with her, your hand in my pants is covered in cum now so be a good girl and lick it all up, happy birthday!


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