Friday, March 16, 2012

I'm Loving This

I've been so busy loving life that I haven't stopped to blog.

My schedule goes something like this..

Get out of bed around 6am after nursing the baby in the wee hours. Get Harper ready for school, toss a sleepy Baylor and quiet Josie in the car and deliver Harper to school just as the bell rings.

Sometimes I take Baylor to school right after Harper, but sometimes, like today, I keep her home with me.

Then I return home, or go for a quick work out, relax on the couch with Josie, nurse her, then have lunch and nap on the couch with Josie on my chest taking deep breaths of sweet baby scent.  I may run a few errands before or after lunch and then I pick up Harper and return home. The big girls play in the creek while I nurse Josie on the porch and then prepare dinner. Josie usually cries as soon as I sit down to eat, typical, and then I bathe the girls and get them ready for bed. Throw in diapers, laundry, and a few chores and that sums it up.  To sum it up - bliss. I'm loving this and the thought of leaving my baby in a few days causes the water works to start up. I'm not ready. But, I have to. I'm a big girl and I can handle it, but I don't wanna!

Life is good. And swift. And I know I soaked up the sweetness of each of my girls as infants. But where did it go and why was I in such a rush for the next phase? Maybe it's because my journey has brought me to a new place. I know I am different than I was six years ago when I first held Harper in my arms.We all are; we all change. That is the only constant in life, right? Change.

Okay, heavy stuff aside, I have fallen in love with "The Tudors"  reruns on BBC, Smash, and Awake.  I recommend "The Forgotten Garden" by Kate Morton along with "The Lucky One" by Sparks. Totally different but both are good reads. I'd like to borrow "One Night with the King" if anyone has it.

Happy Friday, friends!

coming soon - North Texas Christian Writer's Conference!! Can't wait!

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