Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Good Reads

Hey Friends,

Just thought I'd take a minute to share some great reads with you. From time to time I get free books in the mail with one simple request from the author and publisher: "If you like it please share." And so I shall.

I absolutely LOVED this book! I had it on the shelf for a year before reading it and I am sick about it. I read it during the last few days of my pregnancy, in the hospital and the first week of Josie's life.  The story follows the lives of three different women who are all related, literally, while the reader is taken on a mysterious journey through England while trying to uncover the truth. I was on the edge of my rocker near the end and looked forward to nursing so I could hold the baby and read. Yes, I managed to hold a nursing baby with one arm and steady a novel with the other. You will not be disappointed with this book and like me you will want to read her other works.

This one also collected dust before I cracked it open. Again I am ashamed. Set right here in my neck of the woods, the lively heroine with have you laughing and crying. Mothers will hold their daughters tighter and glance at neighbors with suspicion. I'm just saying. I was spitting venom near the end. I could feel it that much! Not so much about father, Samuel, as it is about daughter, Swan, who is reminiscent of sweet Scout Finch.  Read it.

Last one:  set in the Gilded Age, our protagonist seems annoying and flaky at first. However, her mother's plot to have her suitably wed over seas leads to unexpected trouble. By the end you will be rooting for our girl as she learns to use her own two fists. I was delighted by the growth of the lead girl.

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