Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mi Familia - Casa de Cauley

It is hard to repeat what someone has already said so well.  Please read Tracy's "Mama Mandy" blog to fully understand how special this session was to both of us.  Tracy captured these sweet moments of my family as a gift to me. Thank you, Tracy - priceless.  The best compliment I can give is that she truly captured "us!" When I look at the photos I feel like I look like I do on any normal day - not too done up, hair kinda frizzy, happy with my girls and where I am in my journey.  I love these photos and I hope you do as well. Be sure to think of Tracy if you live in the DFW area or are traveling there.  I have a feeling she will be hard to book within a few months!


  1. Beautiful little family you have there!! You look beautiful too just like I remembered you!! Miss you and hope to meet Josie soon.:)


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