Thursday, July 19, 2012

Day 2

I slept good last night. Real good. And when I woke up this morning I felt good. A little sore, but good just the same. Alert. My petite cooed sweetly from her crib. I mean, as far as alarms go, it doesn't get any sweeter than that.  She greets me smiling every morning and embodies her middle name, Joy.

Today I made my coffee as usual but stored one cup in the fridge. Around 7:30 I made the Mocha Chiller Shakeology and it was sooo good. I promise it was just like a mocha frappaccino without the whipped topping. On my second glass I was scraping it out of the blender.

Want to learn more about Shakeology?

Going into my workout at 9:30 I was still a little nervous but not hungry. I'm not going to lie - today was tough!! But good tough! I couldn't do all of the reps for each set, but I didn't just quit. Like the video says, rest when you need it, then pick back up. I did. I think we all did! I did notice that it is better to rest but stay on my feet, rather than sit or lie down. Once I'm down it is doubly hard to get up and going again.

After workout we took our measurements and documented them for later use. Again, I did NOT like what I wrote down, just like I don't like my weight. I didn't realize I was holding weight in certain places like I am. Not to mention I'm like a foot taller than all the girls in Fit Club and I'm just bigger all over. Not a good moment for me. My motivation is KNOWING that since I have decided to COMMIT I will see results!

Had a banana after workout to alleviate cramping in my left arch. Strangely, my left leg and foot went numb during workout today.  Think I have pressure on my sciatic nerve...leftovers from volleyball and the wreck in 2008.  Not bad enough to make me stop.

I'm sore now. It's 3:30 and after a healthy lunch and several glasses of water, I have no headache today. Just soreness. To be expected when you supercharge muscles that have been on vacation for the past year. Sore means results so I like it!

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