Monday, July 23, 2012

Transformation Days 4,5,6...I think

It's Monday and I woke up excited, again, to drink Shakeology for breakfast, and to go work out at 9:30 with my Fit Club.

I looked at my before pictures this afternoon, after lunch and an intense Insanity session, and nearly vomited in my mouth! I didn't realize how out of shape I have become. The pounds just sneak up and stick. I'm not an overly critical person. I know I just had a baby and I have been very kind to myself for the past six months. And I will continue to be kind to myself, but now I am doing something about my overall health. I feel really good, too. I know that I will get where I need to be.

As far as the work outs go, they aren't getting any "easier" because it is all about reps and what "you" can do. I am doing more reps, lasting longer...but it is still tough! We were all dripping today after Plyo Cardio.  If it was easy it wouldn't work. Anything in life that is worth it...marriage, job, food, exercise, spirituality....requires work and effort. 

Progress: unfortunately, at the beginning of any intense exercise regimen, it is normal for the scale to slide to the right a little. That has happened to me; I started at 166 and today it read 170. This is due to inflammation in ALL of my muscles right now and should go away after a few more workouts.  My clothes fit about the same. I DO have more energy; Saturday I woke up and had my house mopped by 7:30am. That is huge! I am making better food choices and have LESS SUGAR CRAVINGS! This is huge for me! Huge! I usually give in around 2-4pm every day! And I justify it somehow, crumbling and driving through Eskimoes or something like it.  That has not happened since I started this program. All of the good stuff I'm putting into my diet is keeping me from craving the crap.

About the REST of my life: Here are a few pics from our recent trip to visit Nick's family at their new lake house.

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