Wednesday, July 18, 2012

transformation Day 1

I know it's a bit ridiculous, but I was nervous about the Insanity Fit Test today! It was a cross between first day of school jitters and team sport competitiveness, even though I was only competing with myself. Come to find out, a few others were jittery too.

Seven of us gathered in Uptown at the Downtown campus to test our limits.  The Fit Test is only 8 exercises done for one minute each, but it's a killer.  We were all nauseous, but we all did it!!  My legs were a little shaky for about 20 minutes and the nausea went away quickly. Overall not to bad.

Thanks to Bradley and Katie Walker, Smoothie King Royalty, for providing smoothies for our kickoff!

My Shakeology arrived while I was working out so I was able to make Shakeology for lunch! Again, this is the FIRST time ever that I've replaced a meal so it's a very big deal to me. The good thing is that my shake was amazing, no icky after taste, and there is a calendar of recipes I can use to change up the taste. Who wants the same flavor for breakfast every day?? Not me!

So I replaced lunch today with my Shakeology around 12:20. The portion is large so I did feel full. Had a snack of almonds and raisins at 2:30 with water. It is 4 now and I have a slight headache...not sure it it's from the workout, need more calories, taking my kids to Wal-Mart and the pool or too tight of a pony tail.  I had some more water and a cheese stick with a handful of crackers to help. I don't feel starving, just like I want a chew something.

Day 1 Weight - 166 pounds
(Josie almost 6 months old...still nursing)


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one to feel awful after the fit test!! I got to week four and lost my motivation for a week but I'm gonna start back tomorrow. Shakes looked good but I didn't try them. Good luck and I'm proud of you!!:).
    Luv ya

    1. Hey Laura!!! You can do it!!! That's great! Get back on track and we can encourage one another. The shakes are amazing and I don't take that statement lightly! You know I love some food! I'd love for you to register in my fit club, even though you are far away, so that I can be your "Coach". Try the on the link on my other blog!


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