Tuesday, April 26, 2011

a collective sigh...

I'm not saying we're good. I'm not saying quit praying. But I am saying, breathe.

Breathe. Don't we all take this word for granted? The simple process of inhale and exhale. Deep breath in.....exhale out. That is one of my favorite parts of yoga. I even make my students do it before a big test. Breathe. Lately I've been reminding myself to do it even though my body can do it on it's own. Watching a machine breathe for my daughter makes me appreciate each breath.

Dr. Q put a camera down into her lungs this morning and was going to extract any blockage; however, there was none that he could reach. This is a good thing! This means the pneumonia is down on the outer areas of the lungs. A good thing.

He sat down with me and Nick, drew us a picture, showed us a diagram, and then showed us the actual pictures taken from inside of her lungs. It actually looks good, healthy. He told us to breathe. He told us that she is in recovery mode. He told us to leave her room for a while, get some rest, and try to pull ourselves back together. He said now we wait for the lungs to heal, that they have taken the burden off of her. She is under enough sedation now that she won't open her eyes like she was doing earlier this morning. Those precious baby blues that light up my soul. She really is resting now and that lets me feel like I can go rest too. They have also recognized that she has some asthmatic symptoms and they are treating those as well. All we can do now is wait. Rest. Pray....try to relax a bit.

Some of you may be wondering how Nick is doing. I can't write about him because that is his story to tell and I am only telling you mine. In a way I am trying to respect his privacy. He is good. He is strong. And I love him dearly.

I am going to try to rest again. My sweet Brooke is here with me in the hospitality room, watching me go into this typing trance, waiting for me to shower so she can blow dry my hair for me. Such a sweet act of love. For some reason my arms aren't working so well. In fact, my left hand keeps jumping at the wrong keys and I have to backspace and make corrections every other line. But I want you all to know her progress, so I write.

I appreciate each prayer listed. Please keep praying. Again, your words of support and scriptures help me to keep breathing. Breathe.


  1. Still praying Mandy. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and do not apologize for it!! Loving on you from afar....

  2. My grandkids Anden and Cole are in Harper's class, and we are all praying for a speedy recovery. Sounds like she is in good hands.

  3. great news and prayers are still going up!!! get some rest, girl! i worry about you! thank you for all the updates!

  4. Mandy, Lots of people in Ruston (& all over, I'm sure) are praying for all of you! I continue checking back for updates on sweet Harper! Keeping you all in my thoughts & prayers constantly!

  5. Mandy,

    My family and our entire Church Family have been in prayer for Harper and your family for the past week. I often tell my congregation that God will not put more on you than you can bear. Often-times we don't know why certain things happen the way they do; but know that God always has a greater plan and purpose in mind. My prayer for you, Harper, and your family is found in Romans 8:28 which says, And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.
    Mandy, stay strong, continue to cast your cares on the Lord; and He will work it out.

    We love you, and we will continue to pray until the manifestation of God's power prevails. - IN JESUS NAME! Amen...

    Pastor Fields & Greater Pleasant Grove B.C.

  6. Matt and I are praying for sweet Harper and your family. Prayers for healing, strength, and a calming peace.

    Emily and Matt Pullin

  7. Mandy,

    My dad is Rob who teaches Sunday school here in town. In his class Sunday, we were updated on sweet Harper and her status, and you and your family remain on our prayer list. Thank you for letting us in through your blog to the intimate struggles you face. I can't imagine the hurt and the fear, but you are right in that this is beyond our human capabilities. This is in God's hand, and this whole experience has been breathed through His mouth and has come from His hands before it even happened on this earth. I will be praying for you, Harper, your family and all the doctors and nurses who are working with her. I pray that you feel the comfort of God's loving arms surrounding you and comforting you in a way only He can.


  8. Lots of love and prayers being sent to you all.
    Remember: rest, eat, pray...repeat.

  9. Mandy, our entire church is praying for you and your sweet baby girl.

  10. Amanda, it is so good to hear she is improving. Tommy, Aaron & I are praying for you all. She is such a beautiful little girl!

  11. Thats great news! So glad to see she is putting up a fight and obviously determined to beat this. Very proud of you Mandy, I can't imagine how I would handle things in your situation...just reading your blog I can literally feel your love and faith in God and that is awesome... We will still be sending prayers up.... oh... almost forgot to tell you, YOU HAVE A BEAUTIFUL FAMILY!!

  12. Mandy-
    I'm still with you, and I'm praying as often as I breathe at this point. She can't do anything except get better. We are coming to Shreveport tomorrow night to pick up Eric's mom. Ill call you, but if I can do anything at all let me know. I can bring things to you or whatever would help if you need it. or not. Or I can keep praying. whatever helps you the most right now. I'm here for you, my friend. I love that girl so much!!!! I have the best images of her... She WILL heal and be whole. that i our Holy Father. He does nothing halfway. Our Sweet girl will be bossy and driving you crazy SOON, hold on to that!!!! I love you guys. I'm here and I'm in CONSTANT prayer and petitition.

  13. Mandy God is right there by your side and at times I have no doubt that He is caring you! We are all praying for you, Nick and Harper. On the wings of prayer our burdens take flight and our load of care becomes bearably light, and our heavy hearts are lifted above to be healed by our Father who loves us so much! The tears in your eyes are dried by the hands of our loving Father who understands all our trials and fears when we take them to Him on the wings of prayer!! My sweet friend just close your eyes and open your heart and feel your cares and worries being lifted. Your Father above holds you secure in His love. Its when we do all we can do, that He takes over and does His absolute BEST!!!!! Prayer is our one door that is always open when we are tired, discouraged and even blue. John 14:14 says You may ask me anything in my name, and I will do it. So we have asked and I know that Harper is not only going to be ok, but completely made whole! I pray the Favor of God will rest upon each of you as the crown around His head. It only takes one touch of Favor to change any situation! Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:6&7 May His peace be with you, Nick and Harper and ya'll have peaceful rest! As you close your tired eyes remember He will hold you secure in His great arms of love. I pray right now that God will release His warring Angels to Harpers bedside to fight for her! By His stripes we are healed!!!! You are right God is in control, His might and power cannot be surpassed, and by the power of his Spirit all things are possible! Father I ask that you watch over Harper, help her to grow stronger with each passing second, let Your healing hands rest upon her! Open up the windows of Heaven and pour out a blessing upon their family that they will not have room enough for it!!!! Father we give you all the glory and honor for all you have and are doing for Harper!!!! Amen Amen Amen

    God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Psalm 46:1

    We love you my sweet friend! Thank you for giving us the privilege to stand in agreement and prayer with ya'll. You and your little angels are a blessing to so many!!!!!

    Love You and God Bless
    Your Daylight Family

    Richard and Connie, Richard and Kim, Kylle, Kristina, Kylee and Grace

  14. Mandy as we read each of your post on Harper we cried with you! We love you guys so much and cannot wait until Harper can come running through the door for a donut! Tell her we love her and are praying for her! Kylee said to tell her she missed her, loved her and was praying for her! AS I was writing to you I noticed my husband got behind me on the couch and began to write. In a few minutes he came and put a note in front of me and said God wanted you to hear this.... From God to You

    Although you cannot understand your ability to stand by that bed hour after hour, there is something to consider... Anyone can give birth to an offspring, but a true mother will literally ask God to please put there child's burdens upon them. To let you take that bed, the pain and the fear that even you do not see in their eyes. Because you are a true mother and God knows your love for your child, He will stand by you to keep you from swaying, behind you to keep you from falling, but most important He stands in front of you. God clears your path to your child and holds His hand on Satan the Destroyer. Because He sees your true love for your child, the blessing that He has entrusted to you, He will truly sustain you. God lets us walk in the valley only to put our next mountain in perspective. Remember to let God comfort you through this trial for God will surely take you by the hand and lead you out of the valley to your next mountain top!

    God loves you so much and He is most definitely walking with you. What a testimony you will have at the end of this storm. With every storm weak things are moved out of the way and the strong stands! You will be standing stronger at the end of this storm!!

  15. God "brought on the RAIN for you and Nick."
    Hope it "quenched your thirst a little...no alot." Praying for a very good day for the Cauley family.


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