Wednesday, April 20, 2011


It started with a fever last Friday and the fever is still running rampant in my little girl's body. Then the cough started. A shallow tick tick ticking of a cough that sounds like a failed pull on a weedeater before you really get it cranked up an running.

Now we know it is pneumonia. This is hard but I'm comforted knowing God is in control and I am not. Please pray for Harper. Not sure when we will get to come home, but it won't be today.


  1. I am praying right now! Stay strong and this will pass. Get Lala to put some hands on that sweet baby...

  2. Oh Mandy, I am so sorry. Praying for Harper right now. Hugs to you!

  3. "Praying without ceasing" .... healing for her ... peaceful spirit for you...we love you all.

  4. What a wonderful Easter blessing. Thank you, thank you, Lord. I'm rejoicing with you all in this very special Easter blessing.

    Please know that we are all continuing to hold all of you up in prayer.

    Love and prayers, Lala


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