Sunday, April 24, 2011

Where she is... update at bottom of this post 2am, 7am

(this is from Sat. night, her first night without the ventilator -this is a BIG improvement.)

Harper has had a better day today taking tiny baby steps toward the miracle that will occur when we take her home with us.

Last night was a regimen of her labored breathing, unplugging the mass of wires so she can use the potty, and therapy every four hours. In between that she would give me directions with a gut wrenching, squeaky voice that sounds like a baby lamb. Her throat is raw from the breathing tube but she insists on giving us orders.

Today she has been breathing mostly on her own. She is only aided by the oxygen from the cannula rather than a full blown machine. The doc said her morning x-ray looked good so that is a baby step in the right direction.

At this point in time Harper just needs to recover and rest. She will receive physical therapy tomorrow to help her use her arms and legs again. I have a feeling she will show the therapist a thing or two.

It is good that her body is working hard to heal, but we don't want her to have to work too hard or it will wear her out. We have decided to keep her room closed from visitors for a while. It reminds her that she is in here and everyone else is still moving on with life. Her little heart starts pounding too hard and she tuckers out. For now it is just Mommy, Daddy and the nurses. We would still love to see anyone that wants to come, but we will have to meet you in the lobby or waiting room.

We still ask for your prayers for our fighter. Trust me, she is fighting this.

Nick and I appreciate the way everyone has covered our family with prayer. You continue to touch our lives with your love and concern.

*** 2am update ***

Dr. Q just came in, yes it really is 2am, and he was able to look at her current blood samples. My big girl watched the nurse draw the blood from the iv port and didn't even flinch. My fightin' girl is getting brave. Dr. Q said her blood looks good. He even used the word, "improved." The concern now is that she is unable to cough up the stuff in her lungs. The vibrating vest is not working like he hoped, so he is trying something different. Now she will receive a medicine through her breathing treatment that will break down the mucus into a liquid form. Right now her respiratory rate is in the high fifties/low sixties (it elevates when she has visitors, that is why we have cut them off). The respiratory rate should be in the twenties. So my girl is working twice as hard right now to take breaths which explains why she is so tired. She has been running a marathon for the past two days. On top of that, she only had a few bites of chocolate chip cookie and chocolate bunny today. I tried to get her to eat some orange but she wanted the bunny, so I gave her the bunny. She will receive her new and improved treatment either every two or four hours. A new regimen for a new day.

***update 7:12am Monday morning***

Harper has been resting most of the night. Today we have to focus on keeping her pulled up in the bed instead of slumped down which compresses her diaphram and inhibits her ability to take a full breath. We are also going to try to play more breathing games like blowing bubbles and another little spinning thingy they have here. Anything to help her take bigger, stronger breaths. In just a bit Nick is going to take over the bedside watch. I am going to our room down the hall to rest. If you visit today and I am asleep, please don't wake me up. Sorry, I'm just wearing down from the last few days of minimal sleep. The adrenaline is running out and I can feel the soreness in my body and eyes. If you want to speak to one of us, ask the receptionist to notify our room and Nick will step out to speak with you until I wake up.

I just want to add a word of thanks to my friends and family. My other baby girl and both dogs are taken care of and I have no worries. All of my attention is on getting Harper well, just as it needs to be. Thanks for stepping in when that bus hit me. Love!


  1. Thank you for the update Mandy. Praising Him for watching over your entire situation and praying for continued healing.

  2. Hey Mandy,
    It's Rebecca Price Jamerson. Casey gave me a heads up about your daughter and I just wanted to let you know that we are praying for her, and your family. I can't even imagine what you guys are going through. But our Savior does, and He walks you through. Praising Him for the miracles thus far, and those to come.

    in our prayers,

  3. Thanks again for another update. Glad she making steady progress and know we are still praying hard!!

  4. I am so happy to hear such a wonderful update! There is no doubt your Harper Lee is a fighter! Brave and strong. You and Nick are brave as well, fighting the good fight alongside her, sleep-deprived and all. Keep it up! The light at the end of this tunnel is growing brighter! All my love and prayers!


  6. This is Teri, Renee's Very close friend. My husband and I are Praying all the time for this Angel, I have put prayer request at out Church daily. God will heal this Angel with his Power. We will continue to pray. !!!


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