Saturday, May 28, 2011

This Time

Home feels really good this time. This time I don't care about weeds or laundry or ants in the cabinet. This time changing her iv meds and flushing the line doesn't even phase me. This time I sucked it up and cooked her favorite enchiladas because that is all she wanted to eat. This time I haven't answered the phone, returned texts or purged my thoughts, until now. This time all I care about is soaking up my family because this whole experience has taught me to appreciate THIS TIME. Now. Today. The present.

On the drive home from Little Rock I caught myself making plans in my head. Big plans, the kind you shouldn't make on a drive home. But this time I caught myself, chuckled, and let it go. Instead I looked around to the backseat and just absorbed the joy of coming home with a girl on the mend. The chubby arms that encased my neck when we pulled into the driveway sent another shock wave of joy into my system. Baylor was my anti-weariness antidote at the end of a journey lasting 42 days.

Today holds so many possibilities! It is Saturday and I am HOME with my family! Well, Nick had to work but he will be here soon. We have an unfinished playhouse to discuss, a garden to examine, a yard to roll in, homegrown vegetables to devour, and a wedding to attend. Harper is going to see one of our favorite babysitters walk down the isle in true Southern princess fashion. She will see Miss Lori stand beside her in the position of honor. She will see two people pledge their love before God and seal it with a kiss. Today is looking good.

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